Catching Rays and Starting From Scratch

January 11, 2012 at 6:24 pm (Uncategorized)

No more DogMa, my friends!

We should continue thinking in new ways..

Have you seen all the besmirching of cat intelligence recently?

These magnificent creatures..
~ keep away rats and mice (surely preventing that nasty plague)
~ maintain their own cleanliness (cleanliness is next to godliness, so they say)
~ are capable of complex communication (feed me, let me in, pet me, aren’t I cute?, etc.)
~ and offer so much more!

 No wonder the Egyptians venerated our furry friends.

There is much we are not being told about our history with the FeLine..

Okay, maybe that isn’t the whole story.

the people who called themselves “ Khatti ” are variously referred to as “ Catti ” or
in the habit not infrequently of calling their rivers at their settlements ‘ Gadi,’ ..
~Were the Phoenicians Related to the Hittites?

Do you think that this PHONETIC play could connect us to a well-known mafia family?

That hair.. why?!

I think I see the reason!

All hail the pussy cat.. Man’s God!

But somewhere along the line this great god went terribly wrong.

You can probably see where I am going with this..

I don’t really want to talk about Katty Perry..
..but it just seemed like the Purrfect photo.
This woman is a hero for young girls.
It exemplifies what some have termed “Sex Kitten Programming”..

It’s social engineering. It’s degrading.
(But imagine what great consumers they will be!)

I am quite certain that the real cats of the world don’t endorse all the ridiculous stuff that’s done with their name and likeness.

Who knows, maybe one day us creative cats will get “royalties” for our efforts 😉

I Can Has M-Purr-Roar?!

Lol. Some Cats..

~Hunt for The Best, Mel Ramos, 1965

Beauty is great advertising.
And camouflage.

Cat’s-up with you soon.

Me-owt 😉



  1. Ferdinand said,

    PS – Cheeseburger?

  2. Fitzy said,

    That Advert ran?
    Oh for F**ks Sake!
    And whats with the gherkins?

    • Ferdinand said,

      I think it was created as a piece of arse.. I mean art, like those Campbell cans.

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