A Colorful Conversation on Childish Consumerism

January 13, 2012 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

I had the pleasure of doing a show with a few wonderful women, Alex and Katherine, concerning questions of identity, the wearing of masks, make up, war paint, and much more. You may know Alex from her her insightful writing at too long in this place and frequent contributions on The Rebel Path. Katherine is the newest author at Great Minds of Today and her debut article, Making Up Our Suffering, is a great look into some disturbing trends seen in popular brands of cosmetics for young women. Katherine’s article forms the basis for much of our discussion.

Costumes, Cosmetics, and Contemporary Culture:


This show sheds light on many fashions and rituals to which most people have become most accustomed in our homogenized society. There is a pretty diverse perspective by having a number of different points of view on the call. Joanne, Michael, and Rebel Alex came by to offer some thoughts and talk about how the Rebel will also be allowing Alex, Katherine, and 3 other women to take over The Rebel Path for a highly anticipated show. Sunday, January 15th, 11PM Eastern on Oracle Broadcasting!

We covered a lot of territory in the show, but there is still so much that needs to be discussed. In order to avoid an utterly dystopian future, I think it is a good idea to see why our society behaves as it does, and then there can be solutions for growth.

How do some things become so acceptable? I know this crap is nothing new, and not very pleasant to consider, but there is a crime that needs to be solved..

This crime involves the exploitation of children, the raping of bodies and minds, and the slaughtering of innocence. The Jon Benet Ramsey case is not something I really want to get into, but it sticks out in my memory as when I first learned about the abhorrent the business of “child beauty”. This story was obviously pumped into the minds of the many for a number of disturbing reasons, but I will leave it up to you to think about.

As mentioned, this is a business. No good business cuts out half of its market..

This promotion of boys and men wearing makeup serves to create fantastic repeat consumers while also de-masculinizing. Again, it’s nothing new. Ozzy Osborne wore lots of eye makeup, the “rockers” of the 80s were ridiculously done up, and then some men took it to the next level like Boy George. So maybe you’ll dismiss this as something that has long been happening, mere “theatrics”, but I shouldn’t need to remind you that makeup is usually needed to hide a very ugly product.

Ba Da Ba Ba Ba, I’m loving it!

Pay attention what is being sold to us by clowns, especially when it’s given away for “free”.

“Love That Joker”

There is already poison being pumped in our air, water, food, and minds.. so why not smear deadly toxins all over ourselves as well?

A big thanks to my guests and all the real women out there for everything they do.




  1. paulo said,

    great show kyle 🙂 Perhaps even the “modern urban art” of Graffiti, has a similarity in the matter of painting off the “dead” pretending them to be alive, emulating the vivid colours of nature. City makeup and people makeup go hand in hand with the ilussion of life. Funerary art for the zombies.

  2. Biggi said,

    Thank you for the wonderful show. It was a pleasure listening to it.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks, Biggi!

  3. The mystery show « too long in this place said,

    […] One of my co-hosts, Katherine & I were recent guests on Star Theory – link to that show here. […]

  4. Darren B said,

    Speaking of the Joker and masks,I was watching the movie
    “Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story” and came across a shot were Bruce comes home from the “Enter the Dragon” film set,after having been shown a premonition of his death by the demon who is chasing him and Brandon (and remember this movie was made before Brandon had died on “The Crow” set and was released one month after Brandon had died ) and Brandon is playing with an electric train and behind him is a doll laying on a mirrored window that looks remarkably like a Joker/Crow doll.
    It’s a pretty eerie scene.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, there are lots of weird things that can be connected around celebrity deaths and the work they were doing just prior, like Heath and the Joker. I appreciate the comment, Darren.

  5. kit said,

  6. Das ist der Anfang « The Kat's Muse said,

    […] place and myself as guests on his blogtalk show, which you can listen to and find the write up here. Enjoy! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Bookmark the […]

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