Washing Out Your Dirty Mouth with SOPA

January 18, 2012 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

Star Theory is staying online during this internet protest. However, I did call the offices of my Congressional representatives and spoke to some staffers.

The young folks who took my calls were polite as I laid into them about a variety of issues. I was assured that my message will be passed along…



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  1. Fitzy said,

    Respect Human Values

    Respect the Civilians.

    Civ – Vilians?

    Civ Villains?


    1350–1400; Middle English: student of civil law < Old French civilien (adj.); see civil, -ian


    [C14 (originally: a practitioner of civil law): from civile (from the Latin phrase jūs cīvīle civil law) + -ian ]

    Respect the Lawyers? Respect the practitioners of Law?

    U.N blue helmets, 'we're here to hep', yeah, help themselves to your goodies.

    Politic kills, methinks it was its intended purpose from the get go.

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