Sparking Another Celtic Revival

January 25, 2012 at 8:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been particularly interested in my Celtic roots recently. The Celts were an incredibly influential force for thousands of years, but their tale is shrouded in mystery and myth, leaving us to speculate as to the real nature of this people. They were skilled ship builders, the original iron-workers, and giants amongst the neighboring tribes.

Most of today’s records concerning Celts are from Roman or Greek historians, giving us an outsider perspective, which is often incorrect. These writers hated and feared the Celts, but their awed respect for these “noble barbaryans” comes through in their words.

The whole race, which is now called Gallic or Galatic, is madly fond of war, high-spirited and quick to battle, but otherwise straightforward and not of evil character. For at any time or place and on whatever pretext you stir them up, you will have them ready to face danger, even if they have nothing on their side but their own strength and courage.”
~Strabo, Roman historian.

This is not a simple story to tell, spanning many generations, yet I have given it a shot..

Warming Up The Snowballs on BlogTalkRadio:

I was contending with Barack Obama’s State of The Union during the broadcast, so I decided to open the show commenting upon the current situation in The United States. Simply put, it’s not good.

Above is the photo associated with a story about the US military performing exercises in LA (link). It is interesting to note the kind of camouflage they are wearing, which is obviously not the desert digicam being used in the deserts overseas, but even more telling are the scarfs (“ass-caughts”) around their necks.

The red scarf has long been used to signify ones’ participation in a Communist Organization.

A pioneer movement is an organization for children operated by a communist party. Typically children enter into the organization in elementary school and continue until adolescence. The adolescents then typically joined the Young Communist League… A member of the movement is known as a pioneer, and a scarf—typically red, but sometimes light blue—is the traditional item of clothing worn by a pioneer.
Pioneer Movement, Wikipedia

This is not the only symbolic connection we can make. Since this is in LA, it would be a good idea to look into the homosexual codes as well.

Alex, The Celtic Rebel, has told about The Handkerchief Code. Wearing a red hanky means that someone is into fisting. The fist is also a symbol for Communist movements.

  • Each of the Five Points is a finger. When I close my hand it becomes a fist. And, anytime that I wish, I can turn it against you. ~Bill The Butcher
  • But let’s just say, I’m Irish. I grew up in the 1950s. Religion had a very tight iron fist. ~Liam Neeson
  • The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist. ~Thomas Friedman
  • Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy. ~Bill Gates
The Red Fist of (so)domination has long been making its presence known to anyone who dare stand against the empire.

Above is a depiction of The Boston Massacre, which was allegedly started when some snowballs were thrown at the redcoats.

This campaign of murder and colon-ization has been going on for thousands of years.

The Romans had many enemies, but there were none so feared as the Celts. Even though they had invented armor, like chain mail, many Celts would attack the fortified legions of the Romans naked with frenzied abandon.

“The Romans… were terrified by the fine order of the Celtic host, and the dreadful din, for there were innumerable horn -blowers and trumpeters, and… the whole army were shouting their war-cries… Very terrifying too were the appearance and the gestures of the naked warriors in front, all in the prime of life and finely built men, and all in the leading companies richly adorned with gold torcs and armlets.” ~Polybius, 2nd century BC

Celts were a nightmare their foes for many years, but eventually the Romans developed the tactics, equipment, and the man-power necessary to defeat the Celts. This people, who once controlled almost all of Europe, were massacred and only able to cling on to some parts of Britain. This came as a great relief for the people of the “civilized” world.

Two of the most beloved sculptures of ancient times were of defeated Celts.

Both statues are reproductions of the missing originals. On the left is a Gaul (Celt) killing his wife before taking the blade to himself and on the right is a naked warrior sitting upon his shield awaiting death. The Giants were slain. Gaul-iath was defeated by David, who became king. Interestingly enough, King David allegedly had red hair.

The Celts would end up mixing with the Romans, Greeks, Germans, Norse, and many others. The Celtic red hair, which is recessive, is still popping up all over the world, although the numbers are not very large after so many years of extermination. Anadae sent me a great link, Gingers and Titians: 38 Red Hair and Redhead Facts, and I cherry-picked a few interesting points and arranged them in a semi-chronological order.

  • Some scholars speculate that because Adam was from “red earth” and the Hebrew word for “red” is adom, that Adam was a redhead.
  • Lilith, the supposed first wife of Adam, is said to have had red hair. She was ultimately kicked out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to be subordinate to Adam.
  • In Egypt, redheads were buried alive as sacrifices to the god Osiris.
  • In ancient Rome, redheaded slaves were often more expensive than those with other hair color.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that redheads would turn into vampires after they died.
  • Satan is often portrayed as a redhead most likely because red was viewed as the color of sexual desire and moral degradation.
  • In Michelangelo’s Temptation and in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Eve is initially depicted as having brown and blond hair, respectively. But in both artistic renditions, after she eats the apple and she and Adam are driven from the Garden of Eden, Eve is depicted as a redhead.
  • During the witch hunts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe, many women were burned at the stake as witches merely because they had red hair.
  • The sixteenth-century artist Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) painted so many redheads that his name became associated with a shade of red.
  • Hitler reportedly banned the marriage of redheads in order to prevent “deviant offspring.”
  • While Scotland has the highest proportion (13%) of redheads (followed by Ireland with 10%), the United States has the largest population of redheads in the world, with between 6-18 million redheads, or 2-6% of the population.

Although we are told that redheads are referred to as Titians because of a painter’s name, my readers should see through this facade and recognize the Titans for who they really were.

The Celts were a complex people with a deep culture that still influences and inspires the world today. The story goes far back into our past, but this tale is not over and will continue to play out into our future.. as the phoenix rises 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this part of my journey. I endeavored to make some sense not only of this world into which I was born, but also this body and genetic memories with which I was provided.

“We live in two worlds… the world into which we were born, and the otherworld that was born within us. Both may be a blessing or a curse. We choose.”
attributed as a Druid homily.

Even if you don’t look like a Celt, there is likely some “red” blood in your veins, although this is not really the point. Never be ashamed of who you are or what you look like. The color of your skin, hair, eyes, or flag is far less important than quality of your character, the actions you take, and the fire of your spirit.

May the road rise up to meet you..



  1. Ferdinand said,

    One place the Irish blessing has found a place..

  2. Ferdinand said,

    Another recommended music video..

  3. celticrebel said,

    nice set of quotes on communism/collectivism

  4. Wolkenwatcher said,

    Great post! I have ignored possible Celtic roots for too long now. Your post has lead me to delve deeper into the past. I was born in Devon, UK, which neighbors Cornwall. The Celtic influences are all over the place. I never really appreciated them for what they are when i still lived there…

    Thanks, Kyle…

  5. Choronzon said,

    Gallic = GAY LICK!

    My view on Politics via Crowley in 3 quotes…. Once you have crystallized your view on what political system would work and be best or combination or what ones, you then relize it is pointless for self growth to worry about it beyond that….. That’s just me I guess…. other fish to fry….

    Not totally relevant, but I think it is to a degree….. a good point via Crowley why Justice being served by the blind is not really a good idea…

  6. Anadae said,

    As I opined elsewhere earlier today, I wonder just how many of us of Celtic descent have actual, literal, inherited genes of that mysterious people, the Sidhe. When I visited Ireland now three years past, I was awed & gratified by the tangible presence still felt on culture there by the folklore telling their stories.

    One of the most prolific of their mound structures is one that is older than the pyramids of Egypt, Newgrange. It is wrongly attributed as a so-called passage tomb. Well, don’t you believe it. It’s wherefrom the Sidhe entered our world from theirs. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a Neolithic era stargate.

    Also, one of my spiritual mentors, himself half Scots & half Welsh, RJ Stewart, personally told me that the highest percentage of alcohol abuse occurs in certain ethnicities of people whose Second Sight is part & parcel of their genetic makeup. You see, overindulgence in potent potables is an excellent way to shut off the Second Sight for those who cannot incorporate that ability into their day-to-days. Kudos for writing this article. Peace …

  7. duke said,

    very enjoyable read

    you might find this interview interesting

  8. Fitzy said,

    I had forgotten that video, but you’ve fired up my memories, I remember first seeing it and loving it. Good old Johnny Rotten, back in the 80’s us new wave kids didn’t know what hit us, with PIL, that and the subversive magic of Public Enemy and a raft of border line revolutions, all exploding in the brain.
    Looking back, I had the feeling something big was on the cards, unfortunately time has muted the memory, or numbed it.
    Thanks for the jump start Kyle.

  9. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments and links, friends! Glad the post sparked some inspiration.

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