Social Syncing in the Nyc of Time

January 30, 2012 at 7:13 pm (Uncategorized)

The big presentation is almost here! I have been building a decent amount of hype surrounding the Rainbow Alphabet revelations, so I am planning on delivering the goods. This past Saturday night I caught the end of Alan Abbadessa Green and Andras Jones on Frater X’s radio show talking about The Sync Book conference and I heard Andras mention his excitement specifically for seeing my piece, which I think is pretty cool 🙂

I had actually just gotten done with a surprise Saturday night Star Theory Radio show myself..

Perceiving Social Eyes

In the show I discussed a number of things, not exactly related to the Sync presentation.

For example, did you know that I am an insectoid? That’s right, I have been exposed!

I tried to explain this to you before in TriumphANT ANTicipation, but I guess only a few people were able to really understand. It only makes sense that youtube user InstANT000 was able to through my amazing facade.

Now you should be asking yourself a few questions:

  • Has Kyle always been an insect or is this a recent transformation?
  • Can he still have in-sex with humans?
  • How many ‘Sects does this creature have following him around the world?
  • Why do The Celtic Rebel and other “people” still interact with Kyle?
  • What kind of insectoid exposes himself to his listeners?

You might be thinking that there is really scAnt evidence to prove I am an insect, but this case should be tried in the usual manner. I should be seen as an insect deceiver until proven innocent/human.

Walks like an insect.. acts like an insect.. talks like an insect.. must be an insect..

Honestly, the show was about more than me and my ThorAx. One of my millions billions of Chinese listeners called in to discuss Roman Numerals, The Celtic Rebel generously joined me for some bAnter and rAnting, and our friend Michael phoned in.

During the show, I also wAnted to welcome my friends here to come join me over at a new social network I created:

But why would you trust an insect TyrAnt like me anyway?

Well, MayBee I am something of a HierophAnt or a GiAnt of Anthropology.

I leave the AntsErs up to you.

It’s a puzzling world and it only gets stranger when you see the Ant-equated nature of it all.

I will soon be leaving the quiet comfort of my Cape existence, talking mainly to my cat and plAnts in house #377 (seriously, it was #111 before), to travel to the synchronous NYC, where those in attendAnts will C the light of my big finding. I cAnt wait 😉



  1. Ferdinand said,

    This may be relevAnt

  2. ANTisocialfuc said,

    ANThropomorphic ANTidote

  3. steve-o said,

    ugh .. good luck. that city is a stynk hole.

  4. Instant000 said,

    Besides the fact that your human appearance hides your true form
    Besides the fact the you pretend to be an underground researcher who seems to reach with your message just a handful of people (minus those who are not human as you).
    Do you really think that you will fool every genuine human beings who is searching for the truth.
    I know who you are working for.
    Say hi to your ‘she-male’ main supervisor from me.

  5. Biggi said,

    InteressAnt=interesting, that’s what I wAnted to say.

  6. Aszeran said,

    A new conspiracy for me to grab my popcorn and sit mouth agape in front of my monitor.

    So the new master race are ants? Where’s your Queen, Kyle.. Don’t make me get the bug spray.

  7. aferrismoon said,

    It appears that GN ODN [ Garden of Eden] + OTz HDOTh TVB YRO [ Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil ] = 177 + 932 = 1109.

    The word written in the top-left photo is QDM [ 144 ] which , biblically, means ‘eastward’.

    It can also mean ‘precede’ or ‘anterior’.


  8. aferrismoon said,

    Do Bugs Pray?


  9. Sync nyc | Clickadvise said,

    […] Social Syncing in the Nyc of Time « Star TheorySocial Syncing in the Nyc of Time. January 30, 2012 at 7:13 pm (Uncategorized). The big presentation is almost here! I have been building a decent amount of … […]

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