Allah’s DiMenSion

February 28, 2012 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

I have been reflecting upon a number of important matters recently. If you haven’t been keeping up with my work, you can catch up in the archives.

A Reclamation of Manhood – This discussion revolved around the disgusting, damaging practice of circumcision. I was joined by hpstnc, who offered much insight into the topics and described the process of natural foreskin restoration. Stopping this abhorrent Jewish practice of genital mutilation would decrease rape, wars, and many other male psychological maladies.

these eyes can see – I stopped by DrewMa’s show to discuss a number of topics, like foreign policy, Iran, the influence of Jews, technology, nutrition, and much more. The Celtic Rebel joined the discusSion in the second hour.

Rolling Out Paradisiacal Earth – Most of us would like to live in Paradise, but it seems somewhat hard to find. Certain groups have tried to create their own paradise at the expense of the rest of the world, but this idea is doomed to fail. The concept of “pair-o’-dice” as an occult construction is also considered.


In the last show I (di)mentioned some recent diagrams.

You may not find these codes in your scRolls, likely because of those damn tRolls.

The above diagram is just scratching the surface of things. I’ll give you just one example of how things tie together. If you sum the first 6 cubes, you arrive at 441, as 1+8+27+64+125+216=441. One die has 21 pips, so a pair-o’-dice adds up to 42, but when multiplied, 21*21=441. Considering the reflective nature of things, it shouldn’t be too surprising that 12*12=144. Keep exploring.

In the ‘mean’ time, here’s some more food for thought.

I’m on a roll, but if you cannot s55 where I am going with all this, maybe I can elucidate.

Comments and questions are always welcome.



  1. JP said,

    From 9/12/2011 (miss universe) to 11/6/2011 (miss world); beauty contest as Venus symbolism. A strange “light” from universe to the world!

  2. Ferdinand said,

    Venus forms a 5 pointed star in its conjunction with Earth. Take the first 5 cubes. 1+8+27+64+125=225. 22,5 is VE and it takes VEnus 225 days to orbit the sun.. 🙂

  3. Joanne said,

    Hey Kyle, I really liked the paradise show you did last night – I really wanted to call in but I was so tired, and you were talking about so many different things, I didn’t want to slow you down :] But it was a great show and I’d like to talk to you further on this next note…

    While I was listening, I was working in my sketchbook – for the past few days I’ve been doing these food and herbal studies – sort of just a hand drawn versions of what you see in the books, with notations – but prettier :] I’d like to keep expanding on this kind of thing. So in response to your questions about how to familiarize ourselves with the natural world, and all it has to offer, and how to create a paradise – I think one way is through a sketchbook – or through writing – basically, through one’s own personal documentation, or through one’s own personal studies. Furthermore – how a person chooses to share those personal studies is another thing worth noting, in terms of creating a paradise – after all, is this a paradise for us, ourselves, or do we want other people there with us? :] Rhetorical questions here, just wondering

    Anyways, like I told you privately – I’ve been reading about parasites lately. Been curious about parasitic infection for awhile now, as various hard-to-determine sorts of dis-ease show up in tandem with it. While you were doing your show about paradise, I was doing a sketchbook study on the grapefruit – I wanted to draw it because one book said the seeds are effective against parasites – and what do you know, the scientific name for the grapefruit is Citrus paradisi. Neat, huh?

    What a coincidence…
    Paradise sounds an awful lot like parasite, doesn’t it?
    Is there something there, you think?

    Anyways let me know if you wanna brainstorm about this sometime soon – in the meantime thanks for the show – it’s great when I find that the stuff I’m reading/thinking ties into the work you’re doing – always a pleasure :]

    • Ferdinand said,

      Hey Joanne, thanks a lot for the comment. I had actually been thinking a bit about the parasite after the show, and perhaps how it ties to “pair o’ sight”. It is pretty awesome when things really synchronize between people like you discussed. Maybe we should do a show together soon.

  4. Steve Gadafi said,

    Hey Kyle did you ever listen to a red ice show by Jeanice Barcelo very interesting views on circumcision ,that seam to be similar to hpstnc’s views on the subject .

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, very good interview. Such a travesty. Thanks for linking.

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