Technological Enslavement Ruining Mentality

March 5, 2012 at 11:45 am (Uncategorized)

Minds can be easily re-wired using the right words and images. Television, movies, and radio have a disgustingly awesome power to shape the thought processes and behavior patterns of us all. Humans are able to easily assimilate programming, become one with it internally, and create the external world based on the instruction set provided.

(Image from: Transhumanism and the Singularity: Elite Obsession with the Übermensch)

This is nothing new. I was on RedIceRadio back in 2009 talking about Transhumanism and the merging of technology and man. Others have commented upon this sickness infecting the world of Man, but the topic is an important one and it re-surfaced on a recent show with Joanne from as she has been looking into The Con of Fritz Kahn, as this ‘artist’ was ‘a head’ of his time.

Our show did not only revolve around technology, dealing with parasitism from a more general perspective.

Preventing And Removing All Parasites:

So what happens when beautiful human beings are plugged into machines all day and night long?

Parasites invade and take over the mind and body.

Their thinking become part of the machinery, so they then view and recreate their bodies in the same way.

Let us never forget who we are, what we are, where we come from, and the amazing things we can do with and without technology.



  1. Lee Lemon said,

    If I could punch one author in the face, it would be Kurzweil.

  2. prasutagus said,

    My girlfiend is a teaching assistant, in the whole class, when asked to draw something they were interested in, only 2 out of 20ish had non violent/death/machine images, then she lets her youngest (13) buy a second hand i phone, her eldest already has one, two zombies in the house now. Head, Brickwall,Bang.

  3. A Rather Long-Winded Update & Response | said,

    […] again to Kyle for the opportunity, and for speaking so highly of me – and I really liked his write up on this conversation too. Excellent use of related […]

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