Defaming And Maiming Needed

March 7, 2012 at 11:54 am (Uncategorized)

I recently formed the Pro Defamation League to confront all Jewish criminality. I know many people out there still do not wish to deal with this topic, but it becomes more pertinent every single day. When dealing with such a large network of well-connected ‘people’, it’s hard to know where to start de-faming.

I agree with The Celtic Rebel about Shakes-spear being a very suspicious character, but I do like the quote in the above photo about not wailing for losses and instead happily fixing things, moving forward. I try to bring a similar mindset to my blog and radio show.

Speaking of which, I was recently on the air for another broadcast..

Picturing Massive Sickness

Click the above link to hear 3 hours of me discussing the Jewish influence over images.

Imagine a world bereft of creativity and kindness. Image-in a world run by perverted psychopaths intent on exploiting and raping anyone and everything, all done under the guise of entertainment, art, and free expression. Now let’s use our I-magi-nations to stop it.

Terry Richardson is a piece of shit. He is a good example of a “no talent ass clown” and I de-famed him for a while during the show.

Terry’s style is similar to that of the Jew of the Week, Dov Charney.

Dov is the CEO of American Apparel.

This company likes to use young women, having them splayed out for the camera.

American Apparel is pornographic advertisement, which I apologize for perpetuating, but we should be thoroughly criticizing our current culture.

Did you know that Dov’s company also likes to sell products for children?

AA will pose and clothe children in similar ways to the ‘adults’.

Does this seem alright to you?

We have been told time and time again how deep the rabbi(t) hole goes, but most people refuse to see what’s right in our faces.

The photographer of this shot just wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle for children?

This sickness has been here for a long time now..
but we just accepted it as innocent advertising.

“Okay, honey, now put your hand on your thigh and open your leg for the camera. Perfect!”
“Johnny, we better pull up your bottoms a little more so they fit nice and snugly.”

Really..”bottoms” and “tops”!? The advertisers are not just talking about the clothing.

Underwear ads are erotic fantasies for the twisted.

There was a huge outcry over the above tweet, but no one really seems to care about the child rapists in Hollywood, Washington, Chicago, NYC, Israel, etc.

Should Dov, who has been charged with five counts of sexual ASSault, be allowed the “freedom” to exploit children? Would you allow your own offspring around this disgusting Jew?

Dov Charney was not the only person de-famed on my show.

The Celtic Rebel stopped by and we spoke about another piece of shit who has been positioned as an expert on child rape.

Above you see Jason’s penchant for Communist fisting.

So this is why he has “loose” change?





  1. mystardustc said,

    Interesting he almost calls for a hanging…. that’s nice. IDK my older brother that owns the comic book shop I quit use to go off and down that rabbit hole a bit…. not my “fight”…..

    I do know Len Horiwitz that he had on the show I assume, was the guy that exposed how AIDS really came about etc…. IDK I am a Magician what do I care anymore…. just always thought it was interesting that Obama’s pastor that everyone got their panties in a bunch about use to rep the shit out of Len Horiwitz…. IDK it’s all so confusing to me anymore…. I can’t even “save myself anymore”… if I didn’t have kids I woulda killed myself the other night, maybe I will end up back in the loony bin, oh well fuck it all….

    Little far with those underoo ads. I don’t really know how personal the Pres knew Terry, [That one Site Occult Media that use to be around claimed it was a request, IDK check your sources ] but IMO Terry R. is a piece of shit and gives people that are labeled “Satanist” a bad name, again not my “fight” as I am not a Satanist…. my suggestion would be don’t let these fuckers around your kids if what you are saying is true no matter who they are….

    PS here is Bruno (in real life this guy is a Jew) anyways here he is exposing how fucking dumb parents are and the lengths people will go to to get their kids famous. FUCK MONEY and FAME! People are sick, i would just be careful throwing a blanket over a ‘group” of people, but your a big boy… anyways the thing I love about this guy is he exposes shit with irony….. BRILLIANT! just watch

    Bruno- Baby Photoshoot

    • Dennis said,

      My star dust, you need a break, take some time to connect to nature . You are in need of unconditional love. I am hopeful for you. Compose and contemplate your existance. Peace. Dennis

  2. The War for Young Minds [7] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] commercial-free show]. In the meantime, feel free to give a look and listen to Star Theory’s “Defaming And Maiming Needed”, during which I was a guest for the last couple hours or so. Rate this: […]

  3. Sheldon Shellstein said,

    fire and ire .. damn

    also this :

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