The Shepards of Arcadia

March 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Theory: Matthew Shepard was not killed. Matthew became Shepard Fairey. Shepard’s father is named Strait Fairey. This is only the beginning..

The Celtic Rebel was recently on Lee Rogers’ Live Free Or Die Radio discussing this issue and some surrounding controversy (linked here). Alex thinks Matthew’s father is an actor involved in Pilots for 9/11 Truth. I think Judy Shepard may actually be Kathy Kinney, Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

I remember seeing Judy Shepard on a TV ad in the 90s and thinking, Wow, Mimi’s gay son died!

Even if you don’t accept these people to be the same, the question should be asked:

What’s in a Name?

Both Matthew Shepard and Jason Shephard are alleged to have been victims of hate crimes. Both are alleged to have been targeted by their respective assailants over their sexual orientation. But unlike the former Shepard, Jason Shephard was murdered for his heterosexuality by a homosexual assailant, and one pro-family group wants to know whether the new federal hate crimes law would be applied in both cases. (1)

I will be quickly running through a few examples of gay Shepards, spelled just like that.

Shepard Smith is a homo’sexual’ rights proponent on Fox.

Dax Shepard has been in many homo-erotic situations in movies.

He doesn’t just play a homo on screen, but also one in real life.

Shepard Ambellas is the “Truther” behind the Stynky Intel Hub.

I am guessing that this may be the mystery shepard’ish “truther host” whose name the celtic rebel indicated that for some bizarre reason, is an exact anagram of:

Lamb Held Ass Rape

Actually, keeping his first name and last name separate, you can find HD Rapes (Or) DHS Rape Lamb Sale.

There is also Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, who is SUPER during gayme play.

Alan (Anal) Shepard was the first American in space, while Sam Shepard acted in The Right Stuff (asstronauts), wrote Buried Child, and directed Silent Tongue.

In 1979 Tom Wolfe’s best-seller ‘The Right Stuff’ vividly described the life of test pilots during the 50s and 60s, and it appears that this book, and the subsequent movie, did much to popularize the notion of pushing the envelope.

“Push the envelope” is now used figuratively to mean “stretch the boundaries”. (2)

Conan O’Brien shows us how he and the media like to “push the envelope”.

How far back does this agenda go? In the 1800s there was Jesse Shepard, a homosexual pianist and spiritualist, and as a boy “Abraham Lincoln had a deep impact on him..” (3)

Where are these shepard boys leading their sheep?

My answer – Nowhere good.

For more: The Rebel Path, Sunday @ 11 Eastern on Oracle.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    Matt Damon said in Good Will Hunting that he wants to be a Shepherd and then went on to act in The Good Shepherd. For more on this, Activating the Assets:

  2. Ferdinand said,

  3. Anadae Quenyan Effro said,

    Wow, I’m disappointed. No men-shun whatsoever of that ancient idyllic paradise, the ancient Arcadia, so often referenced by the sage Tracy R Twyman. Well, as an unrepentant freak & veteran head mys’elf, whose 1st psychedelic experience took place in the summer of ’73, my freakish recall leapt to this gem, from that legendary Haight-Ashbury era mainstay. Also, an extraordinary dog breed, the McNab shepherd, which I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with, twice, was a breed created in the late 19th century from merging the Scottish border collie with the Basque shepherd. One has superior herding instincts, the other was charged with guarding the Spanish galleon for several centuries, and take like fish to water. All in all, quite the brilliant pedigree. Some owners can even swear that they’re psychic. Safe journeys, Magus ~ (•8-o

    • mystardustc said,

      I saw my Dog/Collie’s (Colleen’s) spirit in an Orb [Camera], (She lived 23 years) and then saw what looked like my ex-g/f dog on a Mayan Pyramid in pure Orange Energy after I read the Hermaphroditic story line (Hyper-Sigil) by Grant Morrison (Apoclipstick)… And recently there is a photo a man took in 2009 of his two daughters that had a Purple Beam shooting straight up or down (the Jaguar Gods are Here [In Spirit])

      ‘The Light Beam’ –
      ‘the Mayan Dog’

      Man I had some stuff written down in a book and it mysteriously disappeared. Also had a few rocks and crystals disappear as of later… This sure is strange times guys…

      I honestly think that that photo of Dax is shopped or the angle is just right (I mean illusionary)… and they are not holding hands. I remember he was on PUNKED and then he was also in that one with the 2 kids and the sister with the board game about space and time travel…. he was the ass-tronaut (lol, just messing)… No it was like Jumagi…Zuthora or something… I personally don’t like or watch many kids movies as they all are mostly so cheesy they make me want to vomit…. Think Winnie the Pooh…. I have always been that way…. Never watched any Disney movies cept for a few when people kept yapping about them… not saying there isn’t exceptions to the rules for me…. Anyways Dax was also the funny “typical American”… in the movie made by the South Park “comedians”… I also only found this show interesting for like the 1st 2 seasons and then barely funny to me at least… never really got that ‘humor’ myself…. I liked when they ‘Joshed’ celebs, but that suger-hyped “smiley” humor is not my thing…. Anyways yeah he was in that movie Idiocracy as the typical American…. I love that movie though….

      PS there was a story I remember from years ago about this guy who worked at an office with a gay guy who liked him…. Anyways the gay dude took the straight co-worker on a talk show (i want to say it was Sally Jessi Raphael)…. anyways the straight dude had no clue who had a secret crush on him at work (I am assuming he thought it was a female)…. long story short (keep in mind this was in the 90’s)…. he embarrassed the shit out of the guy and although the guy took it “like a champ” on the show…. later he killed the gay dude… A “MAN” can only take so much!

  4. mystardustc said,

    PS that was in regards to pushy queers who violate someones space and make them feel like they are “raping” your energy for lack of better terms.

  5. Ten hits said,

    Matthew Shepard’s convicted killers have supposedly been transferred out of the Wyoming prison system due to overcrowding.

    The sentencing judge had this to say: “I don’t know where they are,” Donnell said. “They sort of disappeared down the black hole of the Department of Corrections.” See

    Also, if Judy Shepard is Mimi Bobeck, a/k/a Kathy Kinney, her name is certainly similar to one of the convicted killers – Aaron McKinney.

    Also from the link I provided is the following quote from Judy Shepard. “We will never know what happened that night,” she said.

    Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R – North Carolina) stated during the debate of the Matthew Shepard Act that, “It’s really a hoax that that continues to be used as an excuse for passing hate crimes bills.”

    • Ferdinand said,

      Great points. Thank you for sharing.

  6. aferrismoon said,

    There was also Jack Shephard from Lost who finished the series by playing with some kind of phallic thing that had to be reinserted into a hole , perhaps light shone forth.

    U might note the ‘Sea Shepherds’ Organisation and their ‘Divine Wind’ campaign + skull and ‘crossboners’


  7. Ferdinand said,

    Thanks for adding that point. Someone showed me that Jack Shephard looks a lot like Captain Shepard in Mass Effect.

  8. Collapsing the Chaos Stream [8] « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] Hunt wrote a peace on The Shepard Tails in the interim, picking up from where the topic arose when I was on Lee’s show the prior week […]

  9. the living tiki said,

    I worked for an alternative weekly news magazine for about a year as a staff artist/caroonist with Shepherd Fairy as the layout designer. Didn’t know him that well, but thought his street art designs were very talented and clever.

    When I saw his Obama poster 7 years later for the first time (It originally said “PROGRESS”), I thought he created the greatest commentary/practical joke about our political system I’d ever seen… until I found out he was serious, and then changed the word to “HOPE” as per the instructions of Obama’s election team after selling out – to those he used to mock so long ago.

    His prostitution has come back to bite him – I happened to see him on TMZ where he and his wife were approached by them at the airport. The spontaneous interview lasted only seconds because TMZ first asked the question, “Hey, have you been out on the street lately? (Are you still illegally plastering your art on buildings?) His wife innocently answered, “Oh no, he hasn’t done that for a long time now”, not knowing she completely destroyed his “street cred”. Shepherd immediately scolded his wife: “I thought I told you only I would speak to the press” – with a look on his face like he was going to beat the shit out of her later. It was uncomfortable to watch. After some hushed quick “discussion”, his wife turned to the camera: “Yeah… this interview’s over.”

    Nice work,
    the living tiki

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