The More The Merrier for The Mariner

March 12, 2012 at 1:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Why are so many people caught in the game of marriage? Tax benefits? Religious programming? Or is it really just a natural affirmation of love? These questions and more were considered in my most recent show.

Alchemically Married to the Sea

I covered some of the more hidden constructs behind ‘marriage’ and other wedlock words, brought some popular culture examples to the forefront, and considered the media’s influence in urging us to get married, but also making it very difficult for us to want to stay that way.

I also discussed some alternative arrangements, such as polygamy.

Polygamy is viewed as completely evil and unacceptable in our society, but much of our perceptions surrounding this set up have likely also been influenced by media portrayals of Mormons and American sleazeballs. What is so wrong for a man wanting to “marry” multiple women? How is loving and supporting more people “selfish”?

I say that wishing to love many women is the most natural desire a man should have.

The promise of 72 “Virgins” (perhaps better translated as “angels”) in the after life is an incentive that could really seem like heaven to many men. Perhaps it would be hell to the men out in Hollywood, though.

MARRIAGE is 72 in Simple English Gematria. I saw @strangeye mention that today is actually the 72nd day of the Gregorian calendar. 72 is the number of years it takes to move 1 degree in Precession. I see 72, as it is GB, as being related to GaBriel, that notorious angel of communication (the gift of GaB) and ruler of the waters.

I am going to be practical and say that although it would be great to go to an angelic heaven IF I die, I would prefer to create heaven on Earth, while I am still here..

Some of you out there, particularly women,  may disagree with me or be offended. That’s alright. Joanne called in to voice a somewhat contrary opinion to mine. I also took a good call from Becca, who should definitely chime in more often. I enjoyed receiving the perspectives of two lovely women. The more the merrier, I say!

Joanne might not like my use of the above image, as she is opposed to the idea of multiple partners, but I am just trying to show some affection amongst friends 😀

Thanks to my callers and listeners.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    “God only knows what they were up to in there..”

  2. mystardustc said,

    We can sit around and pretend women actually have power and that I am not also “everywomen” and not just “everyman”…. we could do that dance all day. Hmmm where was I…. oh not really interested in listening to the show….. when wishing for something be-careful what you wish for and also remember when judging people as so you will be judge…. as seen fit…. religion (ALL OF THEM) is for the weak willed IMO.

    Here is me and Priscilla Barnes from 3’s Company from like 2006ish in Hunt Valley….. My Mom worked out there all my youth…. and Verizon a few buildings away from where i meet all these celebs…. Verizon was C&P Telephone Co. and also Bell Atlantic…. I told the story once of how my mom worked with a man named Christopher Hunter Myers… MY EXACT NAME!

    I don’t worry about marriage myself as it is just a piece of paper and a ring…. I don’t ware a ring…. threw mine in Mt.Doom years ago…. actually it strangely dissapeared once when I had it on my key ring at Basketball… foreged white gold from a Gold Smith who’s wife i saved from dying once (long story) when I was a teenager.

    PS What isn’t broken and has 7 sides? Come one it’s like a Sphinx thing…. Since everyone is “stuck on stupid”,,,, here


  3. Bec77 said,

    Enjoyed your show, and you raised some interesting points for consideration.
    I myself, have never wanted to ‘conform’ to the traditional/forced relationship status of ‘wife’. My hatred first begun when I was old enough to fill out a form for myself and I asked the question “Why are there so many salutations for women and only one for men?” Why is it so important to know my ‘marital status’ and be able to tell so by 2 or 3 short letters, including if my husband is dead but a male need only indicate his sex by way of ‘Mr’! I haven’t stopped asking questions since.
    I have been in a long term relationship and am constantly bombarded with snarls and snickers when people can’t fathom why ‘such a good looking couple’ don’t want to get married…”You’d make such a beautiful bride”……why can’t I be considered beautiful without the crap party to leech gifts of friends and fringe relatives? Why do I need the government to acknowledge my love for it to be real? “Oh please Master, may I have a piece of paper to prove to my friends/family that I really love this dude?” “Oh please Master, I need it so if I fall out of love I can have the privilege of dragging us both through your fair and honest judicial system” “Oh please Master I require your stamp of approval, so if my partner gets ill I am deemed the right by you to euthanize him”. Makes me fucking sick! I HATE weddings. If people bothered to research it just a tad, historically, weddings were for financial and/or political gain from what I have read….the white dress in some areas was also reserved for the most poverty stricken, and those who could afford colours (rich/elite) wore them – not only the VIRGIN angle we are sold!
    No women (at least the ones I’m so fortunate to know) will accept this. They believe it was their choice, and an individual one at that. Yeah, so individual that they all have the same diamond (different shape/cut doesn’t count) as every other whore that they were ‘reserved’ with, they all had a wanky hens/bachelorette party (MORE GIFTS) and had the gall in some cases to predetermine (DICTATE) what gift you were to supply them with and in some cases a wishing well demanding CASH. The white dress, flowers, church…or if you’re ultra COOL and non conformist, a celebrant, yeah cause that’s so different! The photos,the vows, the dance I could go on and on….ladies….it’s ALL THE SAME, you’re not different or special if you subscribe to this shit. If you love someone then tell THEM! If you need your family to know this then TELL them! It’s not hard, don’t hide behind this wedding bullshit to try and justify the fact that you just want people to stare at you and tell you you’re pretty all fucking day…get over it. If you can’t look in the mirror and see this for yourself, then you have other issues and a ‘wedding’ is not going to fix it.

    Sorry for the rant – in regards to polygamy, if it works for some then who cares, everyone’s relationship is different, and it’s really no-ones business but the people involved. If there are children, so long as they are safe, fed and clothed,happy and free from harm, what is the problem?
    I’m not into that personally, and if the people that are could ensure there’s no ‘inbreeding’ I don’t see any issues. So much of our REAL history is kept well hidden from us, and none of us is fortunate to have a 200 or more year old relative to ask these things, so we have to use our common sense….a skill most of us no longer have sadly.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 I would love to have you call in sometime.

  4. Steve Gadafi said,

    Interesting show Kyle marriage is a funny thing,I’ve been with my partner since 1988. Ten years after that we got pregnant,I wanted to go to Vegas and get wed by Elvis with (Phichick from Type1 Radio lounge fame) but she thought it not appropriate,I like you don’t think marriage should be taken that seriously as it is just a contract with the man.So after having another child we decided to get it made official and that was made clear to us that is what we were doing.They told us in the ceremony that we were making a legal contract (How romantic) recognizes in the eyes of the law.When saying her bit (repeat after me blurb) my wife could not help herself laughing.So much for not thinking the Vegas was not a good thing.Nothing really changed afterwards as we had about twenty odd years in each others pockets anyway and we kind of knew things were right between us.I do agree with your views on why things are built up to fail it’s all about the money in the fucking courts it all about the money.And finally hear is a thought on the word fuck

    • Ferdinand said,

      Always appreciate your support and opinions, Steve. Thanks

  5. madhawk said,

    Oh, you horny nerds. Yeah, polygamy is sooooo discouraged by the media – what about HBO’s Big Love? They’re priming you remaining straight men to ruin your chances with the remaining straight women by demanding more than you deserve. YOU DO NOT DESERVE MORE THAN ONE WOMAN. And trust, no woman except the most brainwashed or disinterested (in YOU) would want to be in an “open” relationship. I personally think the recent polygamy resurgence is another “sex trap” so to speak – giving you lonely dreamers another unfulfillable fantasy to fap to. How about exploring a relationship with one woman before you go on to your own harem? How about treating each woman as an equal, not just a cog in your masturbation machine? Keep dreaming, nerds…it’s a trap.

    • Ferdinand said,

      But what if 72 Angels deserve me?

    • Evan G said,

      It’s true. I think when you really love someone and truly consider them an equal, it becomes very hard to romantically love another person. There is only so much attention you can hand out, and by spreading it to various lovers nobody is really getting all you are able to give. Open relationships are fine and can be healthy and mutually beneficial. But they do not work in the context of “true love”. And that concept is a loaded one in itself. Not everyone has experienced this phenomenon, and not everyone will. Until you do you can’t argue for or against.
      And yes, I think this article was sort of bs. No offence.
      It IS another sex trap, no better then the brainwashing you seem to be wanting to point out in the media, and the person who wrote this article is in my opinion, falling for it.
      You (the guy who wrote this) may one day be lucky enough to meet a woman so perfectly suited to you. She will be a friend, a companion. She will wake things in you that you never knew existed. she will inspire and motivate you to be a better man. Your love for her will be so beautifully consuming that you will not be able to consider another. You will not want to share your love.
      If you keep thinking the way you are now, you will not know how to keep this gift. Your insecurity will chase her away and you will live out your days bitter and unfulfilled. Smarten up buddy.
      Women have a sex drive too btw, and no self respecting woman will be content with taking turns on your peen with 72 other women. The man who desires several, usually cannot even fulfill one.


  6. dr. slackjaw said,

    Great show Kyle!
    About the “love and marriage” song sepcifically that line “ask the local gentry…they will say it’s elementary”

    Here is the exact definition for gentry in my Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English 5th edition c.1964:

    “People next below the nobility in position & birth; (derog., esp. [i]these[/i]~) people. [prob. f. obs. [i]gentrice[/i] f.

    OF [i]genterise[/i] var. of [i]genielise[/i] (gentil, GENTLE)]

    Once again, it’s right in our faces.

    Regarding polygamy, I think one of the main reasons it is so stigmatized is that when we hear about it in the modern context, it’s most often from religious fanatics and the way it’s reported we think it’s always a non-voluntary situation for the women, or that they are just so brainwashed that they don’t know what’s best for them, and that the men are hideous rapists who prey on young teenage girls, not mature women. I believe that in some cases this may be true! But not all. And if we’re going to argue brainwashing, the same could be said about a huge percentage of people in the world today, no matter what group they belong to.

    Or we hear about polygamy in the context of a native society of darker skinned humans, and the subtext there is that it’s barbaric and a thing of the distant past, and we all know what savages they were, and we’re just so bloody evolved now aren’t we……?

    What I’m getting at is that the idea of polygamy you are trying to represent (and I think I do understand your position as you’ve presented it thus far) is just not something we’ve ever heard of or considered in our modern world.

    The well has been so poisoned in this case that most of us are unable to even concieve of a different approach to the idea of multiple partnering for the benefit of ALL involved. Joanna said it consicely, “In this setting, we can’t get past our bullshit” and Becca said this as well. I’m actually not advocating for or against polygamy because I just don’t care what other people want to do with their love lives as long as they’re not trying to force me to live a certain way.

    I think it should go without saying that nothing works for everyone. If we are going to progress at all we can’t afford to try to enforce any way of life on anyone for any reason. That is exactly what we oppose. What we need is freedom of thought, and freedom of action to live in a way that does not infringe on anyone else’s freedom.

    At that point, coercive violence is no longer necessary and is in fact totally brought into the light and exposed for what it is, assuming you have healthy individuals who are not the socially acceptable psychopaths we see every day, or worse.

    So yeah, I will take a chance and say most modern communes have failed partly because no one really understood and APPLIED this basic principle. It has never been taught in school and it may be taught in church, but so many other things they also teach contradict or do not account for it.

    Many of us have heard of “the Golden Rule” (what a ridiculous name) but it obviously has no relevance in terms of government, internation relations or religion today so we just see it as something out of a fairy-tale, a fantasy, a nice idea but largely non-operate in the world that is created for us by the light manipulators and in which we believe we exist.

    Complete cognitive dissonance.
    I believe that a lot of us don’t live in that world most of the time, but we are told every day by these self-proclaimed authorities that we do, so we create that world. And then we hate it, and we hate ourselves for creating it, and we hate everyone else for creating it and participating in it too. Because human beings have a sense of right and wrong that
    transcends any dogmatic neuro-semantic prison created by these manipulators. This is not another bullshit “Matrix” metaphore, it’s just my interpretation at this time.

    I did not intend for this to be so long but it seems a reflection of the power of what you are bringing forth in your shows so I thank you Kyle and hope to hear a lot more from you and the Celtic Rebel and the listeners who care to participate. I
    think this kind of work is the real “truth movement” but as soon as you call it that or anything else it becomes dead, entombed in language. (I’m not sure what that really means but it felt good to say..)

    I prefer to stay away from labels and collectivised “movements” because I’ve seen how they cause the participants to cease thinking.

    Aside from the shite corollary, a “move” is something you make on a game board, “ment” refers to the human mind (like government). Moving minds. To what end? From what to what? So I guess all these movements are just the players moving the pieces? Hey, PEACE MAN!!

    • Ferdinand said,

      Great comment! Full of lots of thoughtful commentary on the topics at hand. Please feel free to call in some time and share some of your thoughts on air. It seems like you have a lot to say!

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