The Circle of Satan

March 14, 2012 at 11:42 am (Uncategorized)

Happy Pi Day!

Another year has passed and it is 3/14 again. These first three numbers can reveal some interesting things taken by themselves. 314 is directly translated to CAD in English. CAD can represent a number of things, such as Computer-Aided Design, and can be found beginning (and within) many words. Perhaps you can see ways in which the word “CADence” could connect us to the circle.

ca·dence  (kdns)·denc·es

1. Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory.
2. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching. (1)

The CADuceus could be a good symbol to demonstrate this circular relation.

3/14 could also be seen as CN (3,14). This could be pronounced as Seein’. What you and I C is received through the concentric circles of our eyes.

When seeing this kind of crafting, and considering how long people have been looking into Pi, it would be easy to assume that this could be nefarious. In Simple English Gematria, 314 is the value of: THE ILLUMINATI IS GOVERNMENT, THE YORK RITE OF FREEMASONRY, and SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL. (2)

Let’s add a couple more digits to Pi and use Dennis Fetcho’s Isisian Codes to make some more connections.

Using this chart, 31415 translates directly to SATAN. In regular English translation, 31415 could be seen as CADAE, CADN, or CNO.

In Reversing The Spell of Zion on GMoT I showed how the first 8 digits of Pi, 3.1415926, can be translated to find CNOIZ. And if you reverse CNOIZ, you get ZIONC.

What does it all mean?


  1. Bryan said,

    Zodiac … C=3, A=1, D=4, O=15, I=9, Z=26. 3.1415926

  2. effel said,

    O in greek is 16 and π is closer to 3,1416 But then, you get 33 letters :o
    Now, taking the numbers and getting the corresponding elements on the tables, you get LiSiS and Isis is π :P

    • Ferdinand said,

      Lithium, Silicon, Sulfur. You’re right. Whoa.

    • Kyle said,

      3,14,16 is CNP, which you mentioned is 33.

      CIRC is also 33. CIRCLE is 50, which is a big number, State #s, 1/2 way point.

      • effel said,

        In greek, 3, 14, 16 is still CNO, X is 15 and misplaced in the latin alphabet

  3. dan o'shea said,

    mind boggling; good stuff Kyle, and great comments in response. awesome.

  4. Strange Eye said,

    The only value of PI the truly matters is 22 / 7 = 3.142857142857142857…

    With it you have the key to decode the ANCIENT MYSTERIES.



  5. Dion said,


  6. tornawanjoe said,

    Awesome cool thing (; but im no not briliant people, i haven’t myopinion just nice ud no not agree with me maybe,im still learn of these life? U be cool guy’s, awesome (;

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