The Heart Always Wins

March 19, 2012 at 7:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Have you been feeling the warming radiance of our loving sun? This brilliant ball has been giving many gifts of fire, calling flowers out of the ground early, warming our cold world, providing us with the energies of life.

I have been firing through a lot of material recently. I enjoy burning brightly, kindling thoughts, sparking conversations around the world.

I am fairly certain I have connected some important points regarding many popular conspiracy theories in a recent article, JFK’s Space Odyssey, over at GMoT.

Last night I was on-air for a show with Becca concerning marriage, the battling of the sexes, more general human relations, and we also considered some ways to create a ‘warmer’ world for humanity.

Releasing Orgone Worldwide

Orgone can be utilized to plow through chemtrails, excite others into action, find a date, and even create a new world.

After my show was over, I was listening to the Celtic Rebel’s show and he invited me on for a discussion.

The Rebel Path 3/18/12

We talked about a whole number of issues, but the topic of marriage was broached once more. Alex argues that women benefit more from a marriage than a man, who is forced to compromise many of his natural instincts. I think that if a relation-ship is tying people together in a situation in which a man and a woman are forced to compete for dominance, playing in the game our Lords designed for us all, then no one wins and it is a lose-lose set-up.

I honestly have no conception of what it is like to be a woman, but I can see the pain that marriage causes for many of our fair female friends. That is why it is crucial to see how some women really feel about these institutions we have been handed.

I don’t want to see beauty chained, love bound.

Let’s not let spirits be kept down. I would like to appreciate the love of this time and spring forth with new life.


  1. Bec77 said,

    Hey Kyle – thanks for the shout out, (I’ll try and keep this one short ;)).Just finished listening to the archived show, Becca, you seemed such a natural at this, your thoughts came through loud and clear and I could identify with all you both discussed, I feel that the male/female dynamic is quite powerful in the radio medium.

    I was fortunate enough to inherit part of my Grandfather’s book collection, and I try and dedicate my ‘free’ time to reading some of the old texts as I feel there is much suppressed information to find within them. I am making my way through an oldish (50’s/60’s I believe) medical/psychiatry “diary” and am fascinated at how even at the GP level a ‘Doctor’ approached treatment/healing. Rather than reaching for the prescription pad before you’ve had a chance to list your symptoms like now – they seemed to investigate ones home life, mental state and diet quite extensively before even considering ‘medication’. One such patient story seems to border on the realm of orgone energy (which I know very little about at the moment), which I will share once I’ve finished.

    Thanks guys – gave me plenty (more) to think about. 🙂

    • Ferdinand said,

      Bec77! Glad you commented again. It sounds like you have a lot to say. Maybe you should call in sometime if you get a chance. On a side note, I live in a house 377 right now and I see your name as Be377, as C is 3rd. Please do let me know of your thoughts on orgone when you’re ready.

  2. Ross said,

    Thanks for the interesting conversation you two, and Becca I wouldn’t have known this was your first go at this had you not mentioned it. On orgone: I think the response of the State to Reich’s work tells us what we need to know. They persecuted him, framed him, imprisoned him and then he died, alone in his cell, days before he was due for release. In the meantime, the FBI burnt all of his books and papers. Such strenuous efforts to suppress his work suggests he was on to something worthwhile.
    On a different tack I have to disagree with the suggestion that female pubic shaving is pandering to incipient paedophilia. A woman au naturel may well have body hair elsewhere, and as a man I have to say that hairy legs on a woman do not allure. Does a woman shaving her legs (or arms or top lip) carry the same perverted connotation? Body hair is caused by testosterone, produced in traces by women in the adrenal gland. Some women produce higher levels, hence their hirsute state, but female beauty is driven by oestrogen and hairiness in women is similar to hairlessness in men, it is a hormonal drift from the essential physical difference between the two. So surely it would be as valid an observation to say that a hairless mound panders to latent paedophilia in a man as much as a hairy mound appeals to a latent homosexuality?
    Personally speaking, it is not a deal-breaker either way because the magnificence of female sexuality is hardly dependent on such a minor issue, but there are a couple of obvious advantages to the shaved state. Firstly, the mons is a subtle and sensual erogenous zone in its own right and unfettered access can be a rewarding experience for both parties. Also, the flow of the magic can be interrupted somewhat when a hair gets snagged between teeth!
    I think this meme is a dangerous one to pursue, because it almost seems to support the ‘all men are pedophiles’ subversion that is being pushed through the degenerative zio-media. This weakens abhorrence at, and almost justifies child rape as being something natural and innate in men, which it most definitely is not (at least when left in an un-degenerative programmed environment).

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for your comment! On the topic of hair, perhaps “trimming” would be a better solution than “shaving”, which causes in-grown hair, irritation, and rug-burn. Plus, this helps me to hurt the razor industry, amongst others.

  3. Melissa Joy Labriola said,

  4. LipMcNip said,

    I think marriage can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. I think part of the problem may be that the foundation for marriages is somewhat broken. The foundation being the individuals that enter into the relationship of marriage. It’s just like building a house. If you don’t have a solid, well built foundation the structure won’t stand for long. People can have issues that affect the marriage but, as is the case with most people today, if individuals are unwilling to be adaptable, flexible and be and recognize issue and work on them, then no, the marriage won’t work and is doomed to failure. Give and take. Team work. Compromise…Just a few ingredients that go into making a successful marriage.

    • Ferdinand said,

      I always appreciate your thoughts and support, Lip 🙂

  5. alex said,

    Hi Kyle, I think I never left a comment here but I have been reading your blog and listening to your show for a few weeks (months?) now, and I really feel the need to leave a comment now. The synchronicity is really striking, because Wilhelm Reich and the stuff you were talking about to the Celtic Rebel inspired me JUST A FEW DAYS AGO to start a blog (again)!! I really feel the need to tell you this. Reich’s work is so important for the future of humaity, with his findings you can even render radioactive materials harmless. And of course heal the weather, but most of all: yourself. We as men and women need to know our bodies, it’s the first step to understand how we work.

    Male and female perfetcly fit together, we as a humanity are at the moment just too stupid (or rather made stupid) to see it! I am so glad that other people are seeing what I see! It’s really good that you have your radio shows also with women, so we see every perspective. I think the most important thing is that children can grow up with love and in a secure, caring environment. To have to sign a paper to be allowed to be together with the father/mother of your child is so unnatural, it’s ridicoulous.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you gave me, and it’s really good to hear that others are seeing the importance of the orgone-energy. To be honest I am not finished listening to this show but I really had to tell you and so I decided to leave a comment.

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks much for your comment from Germany! I am glad to hear you are having a good deal of synchronicity with the shows I have been doing recently. It seems to happen with listeners often. I wonder about its implications. I look forward to checking out your blog ( and wish you all the best, Alexandra!

  6. Auros23 said,

    I think what you are doing is really great, Kyle. I really dig how you break down words into their basic archetypal values to discover hidden relationships coded into our language. The same thing can be done with ryhmes, acronyms and surely other forms of word-play.
    I share your fascination with the divinity of the feminine principle. I could ponder its mystery all day long.
    Your style is like a breath of fresh air; very original. I use my valuable time to come here and absorb this unique information you have organized for us.
    Something big is happening here and now. Something like a mass-awakening.
    Catch a ray and shine on, brother.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your response to my work. I hope I can continue coming out with revelatory material and helping to change the way we create and consider the world.

  7. Celebrating CR Day with a Khunt « The Celtic Rebel said,

    […] is doomed to fail, hence it wouldn’t hurt to at least entertain other options: Kyle did so during his preceding show on the same day, while I wrote an article on the topic long ago (please forgive “syncromystic” slant of […]

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