Eliminating Marketing Madness Effectively

March 26, 2012 at 12:29 pm (Uncategorized)

“The same media people that claim violence on TV doesn’t influence people, are perfectly willing to sell you advertising time.”  ~Author Unknown

“The Media” is very powerful. And corrupt. It is a crucial component for shaping our realities. It not only predicts the future, but creates it as the unthinking consumers carry out the programming.

I use a number of different “media” to combat the degenerative effects of our Jewish-controlled enslavement.

Warring Against Rapist Media

I was back on the radio for another show about how people are steered from cradle to grave, happily serving our money masters. Corporate logos are seered into our minds at a very early age.

What does “brand” mean?

Noun: A type of product manufactured by a company under a particular name.
Verb: Mark with a branding iron.

Although 20th century marketing ushered in a new era of marketing for live-stock, babies have been marked for enslavement by these powers for thousands of years.

It does not seem to be a coincidence that the people behind the ritual circumcision of hundreds of millions of boys are also in control of the filth that enters our minds on a daily basis. They are responsible for so much of the toxic TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, food, drink, etc.

“Realistically, if our Company is to survive and prosper, over the long term, we must get our share of the youth market. In my opinion, this will require new brands tailored to the youth market.” ~Claude Teague, RJR, “Research Planning Memorandum on Some Thoughts About New Brands of Cigarettes for the Youth Market,” February 2, 1973

As this radio show also served as a Pro-Defamation League meeting, I also introduced a Jew of the Week, Judd Apatow.

Judd Apatow has written, directed, and produced a large number of hugely popular movies feces.

People really seem to think his Jewish comedy is really funny. I wonder, though, why he would need to title a movie Funny People if the people in it were actually funny. Perhaps it is working on the same principle as the laugh track.

When you laugh at something, then it becomes more acceptable. Hahaha – degradation, filth, exploitation, whorification, sodomy, animal abuse, child abuse – hehehehe. Hysterical, right?

Get Him To The Greek is a great example of how Judd Apatow promotes, but also reveals, some of the most terrible agendas in Holywood.

Russell’s new album/tour in the movie is called Infant Sorrow. What does this title imply?

Who cares! Russell BRAND is such a hot celebrity these days. What a cool guy! He even cares about “the truth” and has been talking to some totally conscious celebrities.

Reptiles watch out! Above Russell is seen with David Icke.

But wait a minute, Here is Russell at Occupy Wall Street with psychedelic guru Daniel Pinchbeck, who writes about the coming return of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. Is Russell brand switch hitting and playing both sides? Naw, I think Russell has always been in love with trouser snakes.

Russell is so edgy that he hangs out with Shepard Fairey. Above was a photo from the 3 Kings Opening Party at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, California on September 17th, 2011.

TheMetroBob is right! The Truth Movement Rawks (and Stuff)..

I will close by encouraging you to not let anyone else determine for you the nature of truth, beauty, talent, humor, morality, and ethics. The media manipulators would like to Convince you all sorts of perversions. Don’t take it from me, though. You be the judge.


  1. alex said,

    Ahhhh Kyle, how can you play that whole Nicki Minaj “song”?! My ears felt raped, but I forgive you. You have not aroused my evil German Wrath.

    I and the man (you were talking about the whole “boyfriend” thing too, I think, and he is a man and not a boy, this word doesn’t exist in German, he’s my “Freund” friend, but he’s a man… so…) were really laughing so hard at the “ass ass ass” repeated a million times part! Do people actually listen to this? I might sound rude (evil german!) but these people deserve everything that is coming to them. How can you have your children listen to this bullshit nonsense? It blows my mind. How can you not see and hear it? Incomprehensible.

    If you speak a certain german dialect, “Minaj” like spoken in English sounds like “my ass” in the dialect. Min Aasch. Mein Arsch. Just so you know.

    I am of course a terrorist for listening, because in Germany, Jews are sacred. So much suffering. Bla bla. Shows like yours kind of soothe the “german-ness” that has been programmed into me. The guilt-thing. They never stop, it’s not only in school, I bet (since I got rid of the bullshitter) they show even more stupid “history” nazistuff today.

    Never talk about real problems. The president (we have a new one, that we don’t vote for, because in evil Naziland there is no democra, um yes thingy there, people who decide things and stuff.. democra… bullshit.

    Actually, we are occupied by the US military. I am not kidding, you can look this up. From 1945 up to this day. That’s why our president is an actor. Gauck, they call the new guy.

    A Gaukler is an IMPOSTOR. Tells me the dictionary, because this word is old. So it is the same as with the Shepherd/ard, put a C in there and nobody will notice. People actually care about the president. Who has nothing to say. Who is not voted or elected by them, the people. We evil Nazis don’t even have a constitution. Our Country is a Corporation with the US military watching over the trade (Germany is a producer of weapons, it is also incomprehensible how you can still work at a company like that… Owned by, I dare not to speak it… J.. Juuuuuu…. jajaja). So everyone knows what a threat we evil german Nazis are.

    Anyways, if you ever play a thing like this “song” again I’m gonna have to call my cousin who is working on the Nazi-Moonbase to kick your double-A (American Ass) with his UFO. And stuff. And don’t forget the Southpole. We have UFOs there as well, and trained penguins in suits, beware.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Alexandra, I know that horrid (whore-id) song seemed like many minutes of rap(e), but it was only a 1 minute section of a longer song. I had to include the garbage to show what is being put forth in the media, even if it assaults (ass-salts) your aural sensibilities. I like your connection with “Mein Arsch”. I will make sure not to piss off you Nazis in Germany too much so I don’t incur the wrath of the trained SS penguins. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. alex said,

    PS: Bad Kissingen is a town in Bavaria (where else? Lederhosen!) and a Kissinger would be a guy out of Kissingen (“Bad” would be bath, implies it’s a spa town, lots of health resorts, sources with awful tasting but pretty healthy water. Need a nice holiday, maybe Bad Kissingen has a wellness & spa hotel for you, too!).

    A kiss is a kiss, nevertheless. I have to retain the stuff coming up my throat when thinking of a kiss and the face of this awful being at the same time.

    These people have german names because they have been living here and planning their stuff from here for ages. I think they are behind the witch burnings as well. Nobody sits on a golden mountain, a Goldenberg (Goldberg would be the word, a gold mountain… a mountain of gold, ein Berg aus Gold) in Germany, except CERTAIN people, in the middle ages (we live in the middle ages now, don’t we?).

    I know some catholic Steins, as well, so this happens. But this Kissinger guy is definitely NOT a catholic Bavarian.

  3. alex said,

    [you mentioned me on twitter, how could i miss that THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH ❤ ❤ you can delete this comment after reading, just wanted to tell you that the slow old NaziSchickse got it 😉 ]

  4. Whajonahle said,

    I hope everyone else found the little girls involved as disturbing as I did. The double/twin literary device was quite obvious. … Listen, these guys (actors, producers, etc.) wouldn’t get paid the money they do if there wasn’t a bigger picture involved than the “moving picture.” They’re always claiming to be in the red on even the best selling movies. … Does anyone remember waaaaayyyy back to the late 80s and early 90s when anal intercourse was demonized because of the AIDS “epidemic?” Oh, yeah, that was about the same time that homosensuality was demonized. It seems that those who are in power have found a loophole in the human mind; that is, if you tell a person it is dangerous, disobedient, unhealthy, or taboo, people, as a whole, are more inclined to DO IT (in the long run)! Parents of small children flippantly refer to it as “reverse psychology.” Apparently, it doesn’t only apply to small children.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Good point about the reverse psychology. If you want the young rebels to really support something, you should make it seem like the older generations and lame-o squares oppose it.

  5. Steve Gadafi said,

    Awesome last f(J)ew shows Kyle I did enjoy The Celtic Rebel & Becca’s contributions and the last one was very informative and entertaining.The Yoda thing reminds me of that saying “A hand up my ass- I have”
    Take care dude

    • Ferdinand said,

      Thanks for the continued listening and feedback, Steve, and I hope all is well with you and your show.

  6. prasutagus said,

    Knew Brand would on to bigger and better things after he & Jonathan Ross (highest paid BBC ‘Star’ joked live about fucking a fellow celebs daughter, (prank phone call on BBC Radio 2 I think) both were banned from BBC to sooth the complaints but obvious to some the Holy wood scum would lap him up.

    • Ferdinand said,

      Brand is disgusting looking, very creepy, and obviously homo-sensual. Sometimes I want to set up a shelter for rescued celebrities. I would allow Russell’s “ex”, Katty Perry, to reside and recover there.

  7. Nancy said,

    pushing cigarettes for kids? No way! just announced program to deter smoking by showing photos of sick dying people and diseased body parts,
    oh wait, that brings to mind zombies that’s cool and desirable now isn’t it!?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Yeah, haven’t you see the zombie make-up kids have been wearing for years now to show their rebellion?

  8. Men Without Faces… Boys Without Names | said,

    […] StarTheory: Eliminating Marketing Madness Effectively Righteous Rage on Rebel Radio A Warning: I’m Coming For You Getting Fed Up & Burning Down […]

  9. David Icke, Russell Brand, Controlled Opposition, MK Slaves and Blackmail. | Iceni Rising said,

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