The Orange Orator of Oracle

April 5, 2012 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

I am enjoying the way things have been heating up recently. Have you been feeling the fire also?

I have been doing a lot of writing, broadcasting, and web building over the past few years, as these are part of my mission to burn brightly in these dark times and help others to do the same. Apparently my efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. As you may already know, I have just been added to the weekly line-up over at Oracle!

You can be there live for my first show on Saturday (4/7/12) at 7PM Eastern for my new 2 hour show!

I plan to have a number of great guests on my future shows, but the first night will be just me. I make no promises, and won’t let you in on show topics, but I have a feeling Star Theory Radio could kick off with a hot start.

Maybe I am being a little presumptuous, but I imagine there will be many more conquests to come.

No poet or orator has ever existed who believed there was any better than himself. ~Marcus Tullius Cicero



  1. Sinead said,

    Can’t wait to see what fire you have in store : )

  2. evil german alex said,

    this is really good, i need to figure out the time difference and maybe i can listen live! the only thing is i can’t skip the commercials 😉 as i do with the celtic rebel’s show (it’s on monday mornings or something here, time difference really confuses me…). but saturday evening in eastern time united states sounds like something i could catch because the sun-worshipping day is luckily free of work and i can sleep as long as i want 😉

    i’m sure you will reach a lot more people over there, to be honest i didn’t know blogtalkradio before i found your website! but oracle is heard around the world and the people there are somewhat well known, like freeman and mark passio. (although, i think with this jeff rense guy there is something wrong… just can’t really spot it yet… i don’t really listen to him, maybe i’m wrong but i don’t know…)

    you will be a celebrity in a way 😀 (but of course not the bent-over way… use your intuition when it comes to offers by companies or so… they could use you without you even knowing it). anyways, looking forward to the show and if i don’t catch it, i will of course download it & spam you again with evil german comments 😉

  3. Abe Foxman said,

    Congratulations and Good Luck with the show Kyle, I was hoping this would happen for a while. Thoracle needed some more programming on the side of good. Looking forward to your insights and commentary.

  4. Joanne said,

    Glad to see your approach is paying off Kyle! Thank you for being diplomatic in your work, it’s a great quality, and I think we can (and have) all learn(ed) a lot from your work on Star Theory. Looking forward to hearing you on Saturdays while I do art work!

    Just a suggestion, feel free to disregard – but If it’s not any kind of a hassle, then keep the blogtalk. Your improvised shows are surprisingly well composed – plus they’re a nice spontaneous treat. Use that to your advantage, man. You’re definitely good enough at this to maintain both – just wanted to say that :] Take care

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