Lucifer’s Unending Caress

April 17, 2012 at 11:07 am (Uncategorized)

Lucy could be discussed for years and we would still not be able to fully “come to terms” with this angel. She has long been celebrated by the secret societies of old. Why did they hide their love for the angel of light? Did they want to keep us in the dark? Perhaps it was out of necessity in a world that worships Jehovah.

Reggae artist Peter Tosh thought Lucifer was Satan/ The Devil, the vampiric force in our world, singing that he was going to put on an iron shirt and chase Lucifer out of earth. What if Lucifer turned into something of a devil after so many years being cast as such? I know I might become harsh and violent in a world dedicated to my persecution.

Even if Lucifer is Satan, we should question why we have long been programmed to hate this character, whose primary function is to punish those deserving retribution for their cruel deeds. It might make sense that the fires of hell is also the light of lucifer. Is it the heat needed for true alchemical purification and transformation?

The Rebel and I discussed recently discussed some of these topics, but words are often not enough. (Battling The Bloodsuckers)

The video is a promo I created on 4/15 (tax day) for my guest appearance on Lee Rogers’ Live Free Or Die Radio show on 4/18 @ 10 PM Eastern (listen to Oracle). We will be covering a number of issues related to conspiracy theory, media shills, the revealing nature of words, and much more.

As things usually seem to sync up quite well to the fiery material I put out, I was not too surprised to see a massive CME on 4/16. It was a 1.7 (A.G), which is pretty intense!

It is hard to say whether or not these videos we are seeing are even real, but my intuition tells me that the sun is consciously working with us in our endeavors. We could use the help.



  1. tom cuddy said,

    When you think about it. Why does the visual have sound? Its not as if we can hear the sun from all those many miles away. Are we being fed what
    our senses have been told to expect? The sound of fire, It is the biggest blaze around. You’d think that the microphone would pick up the sound of the ocean first, or the roar of the metropolis. It is a great picture following lucifer.

  2. Auros23 said,

    The devil’s primary function is deception and is allowed by God to have so much influence over humanity for the “purpose of demonstration”. Deception is the only alternative to God, and it has been shown time after time that it is truly ugly.

    • Ferdinand said,

      But who was doing the deceiving? “God” said eat from this tree and you will surely die. The serpent said that is a lie. After the man and woman ate, who was shown to be lying?

      • Auros23 said,

        God doesn’t deceive. Period. When has God ever lied to YOU?

        You’re taking a metaphor from a book that has been edited like a million times. Try supporting your argument without the Bible.

        This really has everything to do with Perspective and very little to do with the Bible.

      • Ferdinand said,

        We are dealing with titles and language. Whose God? Which God? How do you spell the name of your God? Please be more specific.

  3. alex said,

    Interesting points! Everybody in a relationship with a women, or even everybody with a mother (everybody), knows that “the female force” can get very angry and raise hell in certain situations… You better don’t mess with that force, because if you do, you will have to face the consecquences.

    Also with the light, when you do something that is not good, and light is shining on it, that’s a bad thing for you. Light will show everything, and the “dark creatures” (mhhh I’m also thinking about sodomy here…) can’t stand the light. It will burn them. But to distract from themselves, or wait they are doing, they talk about the “light” all the time. For me, the age of enlightenment in the 1700 really was an age of darkening. I mean yes the pope had less power afterwards, but it made way for the problems we have today when doctors assume there is no life force, it’s only chemistry and things you can “see” (material, even if you need a microscope). The enlighteners brought the darkness with them and this was the basis for materialism. Look what the pharma industry mafia does… If it wasn’t for that world view, doctors wouldn’t be in on it. But if the whole so called scientific community thinks materialistic, the rest of us have to suffer from the consequences of their belief system.

    But I also think everything happens for a reason and we had to come to this day where we are now, otherwise the human species would never have learned what is right and wrong, I’m kind of convinced by that. And we only learn by finding out what we do NOT want, I have the feeling. All in all, there really is no good and evil, but the new agers have perverted this concept. There is no good and evil, but there are things that don’t feel good and that is the compass, in a way. Suffering and hunger, starvation, wars, are not good for the single individual. Period, there is no discussion about it. Pain is a sign of your body that what you are doing or being done to harms you and therefor you should avoid it. But how can you learn what to avoid in the first place? Maybe it all just happens so humanity can learn how it’s NOT done.

  4. alex said,

    Ooops typo. womAn, if you find other typos, you need to put them together in the right sequence and you will get the formula for how to make gold out of shit!

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