What’s Up with The Movement of Truth?

April 24, 2012 at 1:22 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’re anything like me, you have grown rather tired of the same old conspiracy theories about the meanings of the symbols around us. I am fed up with those who will spew forth crap about Freemasonic, Satanic, Luciferian, Nazi Lizards from the Inner Earth being in control of our world. Various “theorists” often fail to account for the hijacking and corrUPtion of our ancient symbols. And, of course, these gurus will rarely ever speak of the JEWS.

I have spoken about this frequently, but since I have recently been Occupying The Oculus of The Occult, I decided to do my next show with Dennis Fetcho, centered around symbolic breakdowns. We will be building a knowledge-base for people to reach higher levels of perspective. This is just a sneak “peak”:

StarTheoryRadio.com is where you can also find my recent broadcast on Irish enslavement, a new variety show, a collaboration with The Celtic Rebel, and much more.

Alexander de Rebel has been someone who has also spoken greatly about how things can change when certain demented individuals come into control.

In addition to pondering past perverSions, we have been noticing a great many strange characters in the alternative media. I was on The Rebel Path to discuss this very same topic in the 3rd hour of Alex’s broadcast {Pussy Bullies in High Times}.

Siriusly, what’s up with all of this overt gayness? I would say it isn’t accidental and that these guys gays are up to no good. Maybe you just think I am being “up-tight” (which is fine, because I am). It’s up to you to whom you listen.



  1. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie said,

    Synch in action. Former Treasury Sec John W Snow signature on the twenty dollar bill.

  2. Steve Gadafi said,

    Hi Kyle I’m been on vacation and also very busy myself I’m going to down load a bunch of you new shows and report back soon.Did you know your Oracle show is on right after us on the Lounge take care dude.

  3. Laura said,

    That makes sense- I’ve ready somewhere that $20 is a reference for a Jew. Thanks again for sharing your insight.

  4. Bryan said,

    There’s a certain part of the Stephan Molyneaux interview w/ Peter Joseph that is very… Telling… Stephans eyes just “change”, as if he’s going in and out of character… It’s kinda creepy, to be honest :\ I still do appreciate his work, nonetheless, just sayin ;p

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