Raining On Parades Everywhere

May 1, 2012 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

As you may know, I am not one to pull punches. I need my blog posts and radio shows to be hard-hitting. With these repeated jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts, I bludgeon and dizzy my opponents so knockouts become inevitable.

I am obviously using boxing terminology metaphorically. Although I have a strong body, raining blows from the mind can be much more powerful, effective, and wide-reaching.

Our society has a bloodlust for seeing half-naked men hammering away at each other. These MMA fighting competitions are more than a little homo-erotic. The Pride FuCk logo has a fist grasping the lightning bolt, which is the weapon of Zeus, the historic rapist. In our current culture, the fist represents fisting, while “pride” can be a pack of lions or being ‘gay’.

So maybe the UFC is full of gay FUCs? If you have seen these bloody battles, you will know how ‘close’ these men will get to each other. Unlike boxing in the squared circle, the fighters of the caged octagon are able to take it to the mat. This is often called the “ground and pound”.

Some fans have argued that the contestants should be stood up after being on top of each other for too long, as this can be extremely boring. Joe Rogan, the poster boy for MMA, has disagreed with this idea wholeheartedly.

“If a guy can hold you down and give you nuggies for 5 minutes, that’s life.” ~ Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian who got big exposure on the TV show NewsRadio. There was an episode wherein Andy DICK forced Joe to tap out in a fight by incessantly tickling him. Joe was then well-known for his roll hosting Fear Factor, which went off the air some years back, but fortunately for viewers everywhere, FF (66) was recently brought back to the tube, bigger and badder than ever.

Although it did not air on television, Joe Rogan shot an episode wherein contestants (whores) had to guzzle down donkey urine and semen. You can expect ever more bestiality coming to you from our lovely Jewish friends in media.

In Clerks 2, Kevin Smith presents the audience with a scene wherein a “Donkey Show” is performed, featuring a leather-clad man and an Ass. No matter what these priests of perversions may do, animal rape is not funny or cool. The real donkeys didn’t have a choice, but methinks these “asses” willingly bent over for money, fame, and glory, playing the game of “pin the tail”.

Should it be any surprise that Kevin Smith and Joe Rogan are good friends? They are part of some of the most degenerative programming, but are seen by some as arbiters of ‘Truth’.

Joe Rogan has been a guest on Chris Geo’s “Truth Frequency” radio show, sharing his amazing insight and wisdom. Chris Geo, like most other hosts in this alternative media, is an extremely disturbed individual. His concept of “infinite love” involves some twisted shit, but I would rather not give this ass-clown any more coverage, as he is quickly becoming exposed and irrelevant.

Joe Rogan and Chris Geo were only a few of the people who were skewered this past week on Oracle Broadcasting when a number of popular hosts guest-hosted for Lee Rogers on Live Free Or Die Radio. I captained Lee’s ship on both Thursday and Friday, in addition to doing my weekly show, which was an awesome discussion with Dennis Fetcho concerning the hidden codes crafted into the English language. I have these shows archived over at StarTheoryRadio.com.

Through the hard work of dedicated individuals, we are generating momentum.



  1. Ferdinand said,

    PS – I guess Chris is expanding the boundaries of not only assholes, but also spelling. “Expanding The BOUNDRIES of Consciousness”

  2. Fitzy said,

    Oracle over the last week has been, lets say, vivid?
    Dennis was informative, You were energised, and I got the distinct impression from listening, that Man is dangerously ignorant of the metaphysics that shape reality.
    Variety they say is the spice of life, and I won’t disparage the Oracle crew of hosts, but there is a difference between ‘nice words’ and ‘living knowledge’.
    It seems the tried and trusted pattern is repeating, ‘Establish a coterie -> Gain attention -> transform the message over time -> Twist Captured Minds’ and why wouldn’t oracle be any different?
    As far as I can tell, this operation always leads, or nearly so, to the complete shattering of the legitimate informative body, and the wreckers and rapists move in to take over the broadcast medium.

    However, things have changed enough, that genuine Humans SEE this threat, and can alter their approach to mitigate it, sooner or later, the sly manipulators are going to BURN themselves under the hot glare of scrutiny.

    Seems its already started. Take care and keep blazing away!


  3. jamesb83 said,

    That Chris Geo album cover never stops making me laugh. I’d like to leave a much longer comment here, but Robbity-Bob Tuskin’s show is starting right now and I’d hate to risk missing some of his golden words because I can’t hear them over the clickity-clack of my keyboard. Hey, did you guys know that a third building fell on 9/11 and that our federal reserve is neither federal nor a reserve? We have to go deeeper.

  4. Sean said,

    The difference between “BJ” Penn and George Forman seem more apparent than ever. Not that Penn is ‘pretty in pink’ but rather how can any man get close to another man’s arm pit?

  5. Sean said,

    “BJ” (PiG) Penn – aaarrgh!

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