Keeping Up With Kyle’s Kabbalah

May 16, 2012 at 12:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I have found a certain way of looking at the world. It has helped me to see a great deal of inter connectivity. The tools and methods I use are explained throughout my work and can applied to a wide variety of fields. I encourage you to take any ideas you find interesting and run with them. Through this process we will be able to grow a rather comprehensive tree of knowledge. Let it be judged by the fruit it bears.

I have been rather “radio-active” recently, doing a few shows of serious esoteric study.

Figuring Out The Real World of Ancient Wisdom
(5/13, Star Theory Radio w/ Shannon)

Diagramming The Building Blocks of God with Charles Giuliani
(5/16, Truth Hertz guest appearance)

I then did some guest-hosting on Live Free or Die Radio and was then involved in a round-table discussion on Friday.

Covering Our Conspiracy Culture with The Celtic Rebel
(5/17, Rebel joins me)

Wearing Down The Opposition with The Weekend Warriors
(5/18, Rebel, Fetch, and I)

Jeremy from The Stygian Port was a guest on my own show this Saturday. Here’s the promo video 🙂

I enjoyed the fun and thought-provoking shows Jeremy has done with me in the past and this one was no different.

Reflecting Upon Death and The Devil with Jeremy
(5/19, Star Theory Radio)

Stay tuned as their will be much more coming soon!



  1. Djaybeetoo said,

    Kyle listening to you show last night it seemed you were a bit down, all i can say is create your own reality

    Hell i has some messed up dreams yesterday, i lstened on archive, some shit on missing a deadline at filmschool and crap, it was wierd as i knew no one there apart from a dude i made a film with it was seriously wierd

  2. Djaybeetoo said,

    FYI i graduated 12 years ago

  3. Djaybeetoo said,

    the shit on missing a deadline was a vivid dream, not porn, just travelling the multiverse

  4. Djaybeetoo said,

    i guess 30 odd years of meditation helps?

  5. dhsscd said,

    Reblogged this on dhsscd.

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