Finding a Better Place to Play

August 20, 2012 at 12:10 pm (Uncategorized)


Alex Robinson, the lovely lady from Too Long in This Place, joined me for a discussion on Star Theory Radio. We talked about the vilification of darkness, the suppression of feminine energies, the nature of words, the harnessing of chi, the importance of playing, and much more. Have a listen to the show and let me know what you think – Turning The Tide with The Energies of Life. Be well!


  1. transcenddesigns said,

    Great show Kyle! : )

    • Kyle said,

      I am glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Jake Stein said,

    Thanks for having Mike Sledge on. As a professional portrait photographer I am well aware of Jill Greenberg’s output, and in fact she is one of the few big name photogs out there I don’t even look at for any insight on such aspects as posing or lighting. The lighting is actually pretty basic, and her photos rely so much on digital manipulation that I would never aim to emulate them, but more than that I never found an emotional connection with a single image of hers. Somehow I’d never taken a closer look at the “End Times” series featuring very upset goyisher kinder (non-Jewish children), but now that I took a look it’s really out there for all to see. Some of the emotions and feelings that come to mind are: upset, petulant, hurt, abused, isolated, betrayed, fearful, terrified, traumatized… in NONE of those images do the children look innocent, cute, or happy; rather the takeaway is simply the shock at seeing such unhappy children.

    Maybe, just maybe I could see justifying those expressions if they were not isolated head shots and had been given some context – such as reaction to some pet Jewish “social issue” like ed-Jew-cation or healthcare – but that’s not the case at all. Instead, all we see is terribly upsetting images of children that appear defiled and traumatized to haunt us long after we avert our eyes.

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