The Story of Our Fall From Grace and The Hunt for Redemption

October 4, 2012 at 10:39 am (Uncategorized)

I hope you all are enjoying the fall. It is interesting how the most beautiful things in this world seem to only last for a short while. I have often thought about this while watching the setting sun fall into the underworld. These temporary treasures can fill us with great feelings of wonderment and joy, but there is an inherent sadness to them. The good thing, though, is that the beauty that is lost gives ways to other awe-inspiring scenes, such as a snow falling outside on a white winter’s day. And every season will return in time.

It even seems to be the case that our heroes return from past ages when needed most, cycling through time.

“When justice is trampled down; when dishonour is triumphant, then I return. For, in defence of what is honourable, for the destruction of the unjust and ignoble, for the sake of re-establishing justice and honour, I am reborn from Aeon to Aeon…” [Bhagavad-Gita, 4.7-8 ]

Okay, I will admit that I sometimes see myself as such a figure, and the media seems to be going along with my story.

However, the reality of the situation is that I don’t always feel as powerful as I should be, or as I am made out to be. Your AuThor needs his hammer back!

I recommend that you check out my most recent broadcast, The Power of Symbolic Communication, if you would like to learn more about the fall and our return to glory.

It is time for Redemption!


  1. Ferdinand said,

    Do I even need to mention that British men going on “The Hunt” would wear blood-red? Also:

    My conscience saying, get down off this dream, it’s
    too dangerous and deadly, (This guy)
    Has got you talking round in circles can’t you
    see, all for the sake of sexy (You’re loving it),
    Then there’s my sense
    saying stop before you fall, I don’t wanna pick you up again

    • Dennis said,

      The unjust and ignoble=racism

      • Kyle said,


      • James said,

        I totally agree. Anti-whites are the most unjust and ignoble morons on the planet.

  2. quasar said,

    Finally had the opportunity to listen to your “Symbolic Communication” show as I was walking through the red fall leaves.
    It’s amazing how many revelations you can fit between commercials in 2 hours. Must say, it was a nice surprise to get referenced on the show.
    After reading this post, some people might think you have a big ego. But after all, red = 27 = ego = cain (“hunt to kill”)

  3. thenikefanboy said,

    Kyle do you really think hollywood is trying to communicate to you through their posters and films, how much were you drinking when you wrote this blog? Anyway at least your not bragging about every girl that you had sex with like the geek boy celtic rebel who still can’t get over the fact he has sexual intercourse with females and therefore feels the need to tell the whole world in his podcast instead of talking about interesting matters like Jewish control and such. Anyway liked the rainbow alphabet you came up with that was cool.

    • Ferdinand said,

      This South Park Halloween episode came out after I wrote my piece. Kyle as Thor..


  4. LakotaSacRedBlueEyes said,

    The Red Man = Lakota have a Sacred Medicine Man = Heyoka who communicates with the Thunder Beings = Wakinyan Oyate

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