The World Is Over, Long Live The World

December 20, 2012 at 7:41 pm (Consciousness, End of the World, Political, Programming)


Star Theory Radio will no longer be broadcast on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.


Though the station manager did not even have the courtesy to send me a note, I can tell you the reason was not because of lack of listeners.


But don’t worry, my friends – this is not the end.

solar circle year

In fact, this is only the beginning.


  1. Steve Gadafi said,

    Could the station manger be a Jew by any chance ? Happy end of the world Kyle long live Ferdinand

  2. js said,

    hey kyle. we need support for IdleNoMore. thanks. thanks for your articles also.

  3. alex said,

    ohhhh i was missing out… dog god damn it… just when i decided i have to listen to you more often again (sorry for my absence)… well anyways, i wish you all the best at your new home, you will never be silenced! a late “holiday happy-wish” (just made that up) from germany to you, and all the best for the new year!

  4. Bruno 1=reason said,

    WARNING: New lines ahead!!
    Please have a scissor and make way to FREEDOM
    Cutting down the rotten cables of the past, relief the barriers of the future.

    Kyle please never stop YOUR EXPRESSION.
    You are a talented and humble BEING.

    all strength, all power, all to you.
    LOVE set us free.

  5. anarchore said,

    That’s weird, you have a good rapport with other hosts on the network. It seems like they would want to keep you on. What was the reason they gave?

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