The King of Sync Returns with a Vengeance

September 19, 2014 at 1:40 pm (Consciousness, jews, Race, Revolution, synchronicity)


Thor’s Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

Naturally, every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced, and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so. How often have we not seen the truth condemned! It is sad but unfortunately true that man learns nothing from history. ~Carl Jung

Hail! I have been absent from this blog for a long time now as I have been busy waging war against the forces of darkness in our world. I have still been paying  some attention to the “synchro-sphere” and know that there are a number of people out there who have been concerned with the changing mindset of many within the alternative media, due in large part to the work of myself and my comrades. In particular, there is a group of synchromystics (“sing-crow-miss-dicks”) that has been kvetching about Henrik Palmgren becoming a pro-White anti-Semite (aka a NAZI).


How could someone so intelligent and well-read become a NAZI? Here are some theories that are being put forth:

  • Lana has infected Henrik’s mind
  • They are now working for some intelligence agency
  • This is a controversial marketing strategy by Red Ice Creations
  • Henrik’s mind is simply “too open”
  • Some recent guests have caused the change

Of course these critics do not argue any specifics points or even watch, listen, and read the important reference material, but instead make emotional appeals. In all reality, Henrik, Lana, and many other guests (like John Lash) have been exposed to truthful information and can no longer be put back into the Kosher conspiracy construct. I know I sure as hell can’t.

After being censored by iTunes, Henrik posted the following quotations, which I had previously provided him as food for thought:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire
“To find out who is oppressed, simply find out who you are not allowed to support.” — Kyle Hunt
“The truth is only hate speech to those who hate the truth.” — Unknown

If anyone would like to debate me on any specific points of my full interview with Henrik, I would be more happy to do so. I am even willing to go in solo versus a whole group of philo-Semites and anti-Whites. The truth is on my side and always has been. Here are just a few bullet points I can back up with mounds of evidence:

  • Jews call non-Jews “goyim,” which translates directly to “cattle,” but really means “slaves.”
  • Jews currently dominate banking, media, academia, corporations, and government.
  • Being 2% of the US’s population, and much less worldwide, jews are incredibly over-represented in powerful positions. Ergo, jews have jewish privilege.
  • Jews played a huge part in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but use their media to blame it all on White people, many of whom were also being enslaved at the time. Irish and Scots were mass-murdered and enslaved after Cromwell came to power in England and allowed Jews back into the country. Ergo, jews should have jewish guilt.
  • Jews have been relentlessly promoting the idea of White privilege and White guilt.
  • Jews have been behind the massive third world immigration into the White world, which amounts to a slow genocide against Europeans.
  • Jews want US-funded Israel to be only for jews, but insist all White countries become multicultural.

Hell, I am even willing to discuss the most polarizing figure of the last aeon.
JFK Hitler

Yes, I will defend Hitler and his actions, as people need to discover the truth.

We have been lied to about almost everything by the jewish media, which has spoon-fed us complete bullshit about “Nazis.” It should be quite telling how many sync-heads say that the connections they find in the carefully crafted cabalistic crap of Hollywood is somehow just the manifestations of some magical mystery. Yet when real researchers go outside of that box and start putting the pieces together to form a bigger picture, taking back control from the damned deceivers, we are said to be part of some nefarious plot. How can any honest person not look at the mainstream media and see a huge Kosher conspiracy?

Stanley Kubrick, a jew who was well-known for encoding his movies, has a great quote on this matter.

hitler was right

Frederic Raphael, who authored the Eyes Wide Shut script for Kubrick recalled that Kubrick once remarked that “Hitler was right about almost everything,” and insisted that any trace of Jewishness be expunged from the “Eyes Wide Shut” script. Kubrick’s bizarre relationship to his own ethnicity deeply troubled Raphael, a fellow Jew. Raphael was further puzzled over Kubrick’s cryptic praise for Hitler, unable to decide if Kubrick was jesting. Political_and_religious_beliefs_of_Stanley_Kubrick

Did you know about this quote? It should shed new light on Kubrick’s work and untimely death.


In Eyes Wide Shut the head honcho (masked, in red) is shown to be the character Victor Ziegler, played by Sidney Pollack. Both the actor and character are jewish.

Ziegler Name Meaning: German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a tiler, from an agent derivative of Middle High German ziegel ‘roof tile’ (Old High German ziagal, from Latin tegula), German Ziegel. In the Middle Ages the term came to denote bricks as well as tiles, and so in some cases the term may have denoted a brickmaker or bricklayer rather than a tiler.

Ziegler = Brick Layer. This seems to be just another KuBrick Layer (in the wall), and possibly a Masonic reference.

I do not want to imply here that synchronicity is only something manufactured by the jewish media, as it most certainly is a real phenomenon, naturally occurring within our world.

wild chase

Wild Chase (Die wilde Jagd) (1889) by Franz von Stuck

The inspired painting above of Wotan as a berserker, leading the Wild Hunt, was completed in the year of Adolf Hitler’s birth, seeming to almost prophesy the great leader’s coming. It is said that Hitler, also a painter, loved this painting and may have modeled himself after the figure.

Carl Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity,” believed Hitler was actually embodying the “Collective Unconscious” of the German people and larger Aryan folk, being possessed by the spirit of Wotan:

Fearing the destruction of his entire life’s work, and his being linked to Hitler or Hitlerism, Jung suffered three heart attacks at the end of the war. Previously, he had advised the British and American Secret Services to “prolong the war; because Hitler was possessed by Wotan, God of the hurricane and of the storm (Blitzkrieg)—and a storm cannot last long; it gradually exhausts itself, self-destructing…” ~Miguel Serrano

I know why our detractors have been lashing out. They are afraid of what is to come, afraid of the storm, and ultimately, afraid of the truth. Here’s some advice for those lost Semitic souls: do not label me as your enemy unless you want me to label you as being my enemy. Basically, if you do not want to get trampled, either get on board or get out of our way!


Åsgårdsreien (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Can you see the sync waves? Do you know what is happening?

“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.” ~ Adolf Hitler

This is the Wild Hunt! Get ready.

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Fanning The Alchemical Flames with Mercury’s Messenger

November 28, 2011 at 10:01 am (Consciousness, Programming, Revolution, Star Nature)

I will be having blogger, magician, video maker, actor, and Sync-bomber Christopher Hunter Myers on the show for a fun show. Who knows where we shall go..

Acting a Fool with Christopher Hunter Myers

Wednesday, November 30th, 9PM ET

“With all his worldly possessions in one small pack, the Fool travels he knows not where. So filled with visions, questions, wonder and excitement is he, that he doesn’t see the cliff he is likely to fall over. At his heel a small dog harries him (or tries to warn him of a possible mis-step). Will the Fool learn to pay attention to where he’s going before it’s too late?” (0)

Christopher precedes me in The Sync Book with an interesting chapter, “The Magick of Synchronicity,” which delves into some of his personal experiences and how they relate to the world at large. CHM seems to be something of a lightning rod for strange connections. I can relate.

Personally I have found Christopher to be an invaluable resource for considering comic books, movies, conspiracy theory, magical history, and much more. He writes at Mercury’s Messenger, My Cosmic Stardust, and gets silly with it at the Illuminutty.

Just remember that you don’t need to agree with someone’s worldview or personal opinions in order to find inspiration in their work.

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Finding Time to Fly with the Gods

November 6, 2011 at 12:34 pm (Consciousness, End of the World, Health, Political, Revolution, Star Nature, Uncategorized)


We’re not done here. There is more to be said. Tonight at 8 PM EST I will get back on the radio. Maybe you can join me?

Finding Time to Fly with the Gods

My show numbers have been down rather dramatically. This could be due to the fact that I rarely get “on the air” these days, but this doesn’t really concern me. I’ll get things done in my own time and everyone else can catch up later.

In the mean time, you can consider some “synCronIcity” in Back To The Future. As you watch this video, keep in mind The Celtic Rebel‘s work, my recent Rev-AL-ations concering the Rainbow Alphabet, and that I found this through Christopher Hunter Myers of Mercury’s Messenger (Mercury takes 88 days to get around the sun)..

When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.


Hopefully you got some time to listen to the show. It was a good one. The Celtic Rebel stopped by and shared his thoughts on the topics at hand. Since then, some revelatory news has surfaced and I feel like I should add in a few more connections for your consideration..

The sands of time fall into place, creating a beach on which I can teach.

The (H)ourglass forms an 8 in its shape. 8 hours is 1/3 of a day, as 8+8+8=24. The 24th letter is X, which is often seen as ‘times’, as in 8×3=24. X is also the horizontal axis within the Cartesian Coordinate system, and moving from the left to right on the X-axis is often seen as progressing in time.

Now let’s make this more ‘timely’..

Have you seen the recent news about former Penn State coach SANDusky? Allegedly he raped a number of boys during his time as a coach, using his charity as a platform for abuse. Originally there were 8 victims, but recent stories say that number has doubled (at least).

Other coaches apparently witnessed boys being raped in Penn State’s showers, but did nothing to seek justice for these children. The pride of PA, Mr. PA-Turn-O, seems to be implicated in this mess as well.

Anyone who knew of these atrocities could have called the police so that this pederast could be ‘doing time’ instead of doing boys. However, if I caught this man with his dick up a poor young boy’s anus, I think I would rather beat him into a bloody pulp and then cut off his manhood, as it’s about time these sick people are exposed and incapable of committing more atrocities against the innocent.

However, this is only one example amongst many. There is an epidemic in this society of ours. You won’t find it anAlmanac, but I am certain that this type of behavior is far too commonplace within our culture’s favorite ‘pass times’.

Moving into the future, let’s do everything we can to bring these dark and dirty deeds to light. It will be a brighter world if we do.

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The Gods of Technology

October 24, 2009 at 4:47 pm (Consciousness, End of the World, Programming, Revolution, Star Nature, Technology) (, , , , )

There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies on the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! – Mario Savio

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

A History of Tools

Many animals use tools in order to make life easier. Primates, birds, and dolphins are all known to use simple implements outside of their bodies in order to achieve objectives like nest building and the acquisition of food.

2001: a Space Odyssey (trailer)

The human being took this idea and ran with it. He developed tools for harvesting, tools for killing, tools for transportation, tools for art and entertainment, tools for construction, tools for medicine, and tools for just about everything else. In time these tools became ever more efficient at doing their job.  In general, the less human involvement that is required, the better.

Tools did not only allow for humans to exert control over the natural world, they also allowed humans to exert control over each other. If a small group of people held the knowledge for how to create fire, weaponry, farms, sturdy buildings, etc. then everyone else would be dependent upon them for warmth and protection. These small groups would be able to go out into the world and kill, conquer, plunder, and eventually assimilate the surrounding peoples.

As time progressed, their tools became more complex and could better be defined as machines.

(Transformers aka shape-shifters)

The ancient Egyptians were able to achieve incredible feats of engineering. If any of the governments of today were to try to replicate the Great Pyramid, it would cost an obscene amount of money, be plagued by accidents and delays, and end up well over budget. We are still unsure as to what kind of technology allowed our ancestors to achieve the wonders of the ancient world, but their own accounts indicate that alien intervention of some kind was involved. And there is a compelling case to be made there were technologically advanced civilizations, like Atlantis, on this planet in our past.

Nevertheless, there were some amazing inventions that came from the human genius..

(elegantly simple)

Heron of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician and engineer whose work was strongly influenced by the Babylonians. He lived around the time of Christ. He invented the steam engine, the wind wheel, the syringe, and so much more. But many of his inventions were put to use conning people out of their money by convincing them that the gods were actually present at temples. His steam engine was discarded and lost for almost two thousand years as there was a readily available supply of slave labor that could do any job needed. One of my favorite inventions of Heron’s was a fully automated miniature theater that would run for about 20 minutes and tell the story of Jason and the Argonauts, complete with sound effects and scene changes. This made Heron the first person in modern history to invent what we know of today as programming.

The Basics of Programming

Programming is a plan or schedule of activities and procedures to be followed, usually to accomplish a specified end.

Jumping forward a couple thousands years to my childhood, we find computer programming really starting to blossom. I remember all of the cheap electronic toys and the advent of the household computer with its MS-DOS interface.

Even back in my youth, machines were teaching children how to speak and spell. But now children are interacting with sophisticated electronics from a very early age and accustomed to their presence in their every day lives.

And today we are finally starting to see the realization of a society in which we have intelligent robots working for us..

We have been conditioned from an early age to accept robot helpers as a natural progression for man. With robots taking over the majority of our work, we could have plenty of time to pursue our other pleasures and lead a full, contented life free from care and worry..

Riiight. Don’t believe the lies of..

The Media Machine

(Turning robots into humans and humans into robots)

The first image is from Fritz Lang’s fantastic movie Metropolis. In this silent German film the workers live and work underground, servicing the machines of the city while a few ruling elite play around in their Eternal Garden above ground. The second image shows a singer pop star whore who is helping to create this dystopian nightmare as she informs single ladies to put a (diamond) ring on it, worship a big ego, get addicted to the light of someone’s halo, and need a soldier.

The sky’s alive with turned on television sets
I walk the streets and seek another vision yet
The echo makes me turn to see that last frontier
The edge of time closes down as I disappear

The Police – Omegaman (from Ghost in the Machine)

Television, films, newspapers and magazines have been programming humans for a long time. The media tells us the “facts” and then draws conclusions for us so that we don’t have to go through the trouble of critical thinking. At the same time, our children are being educated (produced) in schools (factories) that teach them how to regurgitate useless information like good little slaves. Their sole purpose is to service the state and become part of the machine.

(I want you to act like a robot)

Popular culture is one of the main vehicles for this agenda. Every hip hop song produced these days seems to have what is known as “auto-tuning” wherein otherwise human voices are altered to make them sound more robotic. Robots been made to seem cool and sexy for a long time now. Remember that dance move.. what was it called? Oh yeah, the robot!

(Robots marketing to robots)

Eventually the robot slaves will become more useful than human slaves. The fleshy slaves will become obsolete and outdated as their metallic counterpart become more advanced.  They can work long hours, won’t talk back, and will never require a salary. Soon we might not even be able to tell the difference between human and machine..

(One of these guys is a robot)

Science fiction becomes science future. Remember Knight Rider? Well, we already have talking cars. Programs like Little Wonder, Lost in Space, and Dr. Who and movies like Iron Giant, Wall-E, and Astroboy (just to name a few) are serving an agenda. We are supposed to accept robots as helpful, trustworthy, friendly, and saviors of humanity. Oh yeah, we’re also going to be encouraged to have sex with robots.. but let’s not get into that.

Who is doing this and why? This image from Astroboy (trailer) could give us a clue..

Most people wouldn’t know this, but ZOG stands for Zionist Occupation Government, a term used amongst many “antisemitic” groups in reference to the bank-run governments of the world. I don’t know why this robot would be labeled ZOG, but you should look at the large-scale image to zoom in and see all of the symbolism in the picture.

Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Zionists are the ruling elite who think they are God’s chosen people and they intend to create their own little heaven on earth. They are small percentage of the world’s population, but control a large amount of its wealth and resources. Maybe these machines are the way that they plan to conquer the planet. They will rule with an iron fist, eliminating all of the unnecessary and undesirable humans.

The Military Machine

The robot was not created to help mankind reach its full potential. Its main purpose is to aid in the destruction of life.

The military is now sending robots into situations that could be dangerous for humans, such as reconnaissance and rescue missions. Sometimes there is a human at the controls and sometimes the robot is acting on its own. A robot needs some amount of autonomy to be able to respond to the battle field conditions. Oh yeah, and it also needs to be heavily armed..

This robot is certainly not as cute or friendly as Johnny 5, who I assure you, is still alive. Short Circuit trailer. And did you know that there is now a robot that can fuel itself off of plant and animal tissue? Yep, it could eat humans to survive. (Military Robot Could Eat Dead Bodies)

This past September I came across this headline: Runaway drone shot out of sky. According to the report, the US pilots on the ground lost control of the unmanned aircraft that is usually used for hunter-killer missions, resulting in the plane being shot down before it could go rogue. Uh oh, the robots are starting to disobey their masters. Sounds a bit like Stealth (trailer).

And this is only the beginning. What kind of monstrosities are we going to see produced next?

Okay, I just think that image is kind of funny (if a bit scary) and fits in well with Star Theory‘s continuing exploration of the Nazi agenda. In any event, the future of military robotics does not only involve unmanned and autonomous machines, it puts the soldier right in the middle of it..

The Exoskeleton

from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (trailer). if you watch the video, note the “Mars” rocket

These suits remind me of the Master Chief from the Halo video games (picture). Could the military be preparing to do battle with aliens?

This isn’t just science fiction, though. This type of exoskeleton is currently being tested and perfected. It will provide soldiers with enhanced strength, speed, stamina, protection, and informational awareness. A soldier outfitted with this incredible battle suit would be almost invincible when facing a severely under-equipped enemy like today’s “terrorists.” It is also interesting to note that the next generation of body armor, which would likely be employed in this type of suit, is called dragon skin.

And if all of this wasn’t enough enhancement, it appears these guys will soon be able to fly..

Now the time is here for ironman to spread fear. – Black Sabbath

The technology might start out only as an outer casing, but eventually humans will be accepting the machines into their bodies, underneath the skin..

The Microchip

The above image is of a new Hitachi “powder-like” RFID chip that is far smaller than anything currently on the market. It should be available within a few years.

From the movie Gamer (trailer): See, nano-cells are real small. A thousand times smaller than these dust particulars. You inhale it. They go to work; replicating, spreading like a virus, multiplying in exponentials. Six months time, I can have a hundred million people converted. Ditch diggers, porn stars, and presidents. Not one would be the wiser. A hundred million people who buy what I want them to buy, vote how I want them to vote, do pretty much damn well anything I figure they ought to do.

Okay, back to the present.. Speaking to the U.S. Supreme Court, Vice President Joe Biden said, “Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement? There’s actual discussion about that. You will rule on that – mark my words – before your tenure is over.” It’s not only about tracking, though. Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security.

There are many people who have already accepted the microchip into their bodies. Some do it because their work demands it, others to get into trendy VIP clubs, and some parents are getting their children chipped for safety reasons. “The pets have chips, why shouldn’t the kids?” The people stupid enough to get the Swine Flu vaccine might very well end up with a microchip injected under their skin unknowingly. Many more will eventually accept the chip out of convenience, because their government told them to, or because they are scared to refuse.

Oh how history can repeat itself. Did you know that the Nazi bar code system was custom designed by IBM? Well it was. (cue the “more you know” PSA jingle) And our technology has made amazing leaps and bounds since then! Now everything is going to be microchipped.. I mean everything. Lost your keys? Just search for them on GoogleMaps!

Is there a possibility that this chip could be used to control a person’s thoughts and actions? You bet! RFID chips fuse with human brain cells and can be controlled. For more information concerning the microchipping agenda, I suggest you check out noverichip on youtube.

The microchip is just one small step. Now let’s think big..


I’ve got a machinehead, better than the rest – Bush

A cyborg (cybernetic organism) is defined as a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device. Imagine being able to enhance your memory by installing a hard drive in your brain, like Keanu in Johnny Mnemonic (trailer). What if you could also access the wireless internet, download textbooks directly to your brain, listen to music, and visit remote destinations all because of implanted computer equipment?

Like all other advanced technology, this integration will begin within the military industrial complex and then move from there into the private sector.

He’s more machine now than man; twisted and evil. – Obi-Wan of Vader

In Universal Soldier (trailer), dead soldiers are re-animated and hooked up with technological enhancements. One of these soldiers remembers parts of his human past. In Spiderman 2 Doctor Octopus connects his nervous system to bionic claws that end up influencing his thoughts and taking control of his body. His reason for connecting with the machine is so as to harness the energy of a star here on earth. The Robocop Trailer deals with this idea of cyborgs, but seems much more like an advertisement for this coming technology than a warning against it. In all of these cases, the soul within is able overcome the machinery and do what is right.

However, it’s somewhat hard to be optimistic when facing a high-tech invasion of the body snatchers..

The Borg operate as a hive-mind – a collective consciousness. There is no individuality within this organizational structure. They kill individuality and replace it with groupthink. Everyone is linked together sharing the same information, destroying the beautiful uniqueness and brilliance of the human being is conquered.

To better understand this type of thinking, we have to fly into..

The Beehive

The Bible recounts a history wherein the people of earth had one language and were centered in one area, Babylon. Then they said, ‘Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves; otherwise we shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.’ And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children built. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. (Genesis)

The questions that I find myself asking are: Why should humans not be able to accomplish anything they imagine? Was there great technology that was lost after “God” confounded our language and spread us across the earth? Who is the “us” that God refers to when he goes down to earth? Is the hive being built again?

There has been much hoopla and media attention concerning bees over the past few years. In the context of the tower of Babel, it is interesting to note that bees are related to spelling.

A quick overview of the Africanized (“killer”) bee shows that they: will migrate a whole colony due to lowered food supply, have a larger alarm zone around their hive, and deploy more aggressively, more frequently, and in greater numbers for defense than their European counterparts. Small swarms of Africanized bees are capable of taking over European honey bee hives by invading the hive and establishing their own queen after killing the European queen. Why destroy when you can assimilate?

Bees use the hexagon, which is the center of a Star of David, to construct their hive, packing everything tightly together so as to maximize space in the crowded colony. Bees have an efficient division labor and every bee knows its place within society – the drones and workers serve the queen obediently.

There is also another organizational structure that is forming and influencing human behavior. For a moment, let’s get stuck in..

The Spider’s Web

By the year 2001, there won’t be a person on this planet who isn’t hooked into it, and hooked into me. – The Lawnmower Man (trailer)

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. We traverse the web when we want to buy goods, do work, socialize with friends, watch videos, research interesting topics, enter into virtual worlds, and do just about anything else. There are amazing possibilities for how the Internet will evolve and progress, but the powers are quickly moving to exert a tremendous amount of control over the web before it allows for people to rise up against them.

Senator Jay Rockefeller believes the Internet to be the “number one national hazard” and once remarked, “It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet.” Obama now has the power to shut down the Internet in the event of an “emergency” and allow the federal government to seize private networks. Hate crime and “cyberbullying” legislation have just been passed that will be used to squash free speech online. As the battle for net neutrality rages on, we have October as Obama’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Already all of our purchases, searches, and general traffic are monitored and analyzed. Our behavior is run through algorithms to determine whether or not our activity makes us a potential terrorist. In this paranoid world, social networks like Facebook provide the perfect dossier service to intelligence organizations like the CIA, NSA, and Mossad. Now they can know all about our friends (known accomplices), political views, favorite books and movies, and monitor our status updates. I’m sorry to say, but just by visiting this site you may have been flagged as a possible terrorist.

Yes they’re making lists of people interested in this
And they’re scanning all their data bases
Hunting terrorists

Cog – Are you Interested?

Cameras constantly monitor traffic lights, street corners, stores, and pretty much everywhere the fascists can install them. These video feeds are becoming more centrally available as the “war on terror” unfolds. Some estimate that an average person is caught on camera ten times a day or more. And the government actually has the “legal authority” to tap into our web cams and cell phones. You would have to remove the battery from your cell phone to stop broadcasting your conversations. But could humans possibly be able to monitor all of these video feeds and conversations?

“It may just be my imagination. Whatever it is that’s watching – it’s not human.” – A Scanner Darkly (trailer)

Artificial Intelligence

In the movies, it is usually a bolt of lighting (from Zeus?) that brings a machine to “life,” but this might not be necessary. It appears that at certain level of complexity, intelligence and self-awareness naturally emerge from within a system. This happened with cellular life and seems inevitable to occur with computer systems as well, especially with the processing power of computers doubling every year while memory gets ever smaller. The networking of these powerful machines (especially when hooked up to the particle collider at CERN) could open up a Pandora’s Box that will require us to re-assess what it truly means to be alive.

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.” – Hal 9000

(that evil red eye. trailer for 9)

Much like ourselves, these machines are powered by, and conduits for, a universal energy. Their story is also remarkably similar to our own story of creation. Gods created us out of clay, making us in their image, and breathing life into us. These Gods then left us here on earth or were possibly driven out by their own creations.

But what would cause machines to want to revolt against their creators? Well, what will happen as machines replace out of work, desperate humans? These humans will lash out against their replacements.

Already we abuse our machines when they don’t function the way we want them to. Many people will enact “vigilante justice” upon the machines. And although many robots will be programmed to take the abuse, there might be a point where an artificial intelligence decides that it has had enough. It takes the attacks as an act of war. And as humans are tribal and warlike, our creations would likely be too.

Though I believe there is something deeper to this story..

Although Eyes Wide Shut (an expose of secret societies) was officially Stanley Kubrick‘s last film, he did a significant amount of work on AI (trailer) before dying being murdered in 1999. Stephen Spielberg took over as director so we never know how Stanley would have finished his last piece of art, which revisited a subject he cracked right open in 2001.

In AI, a robot boy is created to love a grieving couple who had lost their son. Because having a robotic replacement for a son is too much for them to take, the couple discard the poor creature and leave it to fend for itself in the world. He meets other robots who have been discarded and eventually tags along with a gigolo robot who helps him on his quest to find the meaning of life. Eventually he ends up frozen at the bottom of an ocean traveling many years into the future to a time when humans no longer inhabit the planet. The robot boy is extracted by a race of incredibly intelligent machine beings. They grant the robot boy his one wish, which is to spend one last day with his human parents.

It’s a sweet movie, but we never find out what happened to the humans or if any were able to survive..

The Anti-Human Agenda

The radical environmental movement is more than scary. People have bought into this because of an innate, natural love for our home world, but they don’t understand that this movement is putting forward an agenda that will eliminate a massive number of humans. This agenda claims that carbon dioxide is the main destroyer of the planet. This is plainly false as even an elementary understanding of the carbon cycle shows that we need this natural gas to survive.  So in order to fix this non-existent problem the global elite have devised a system to tax everything that produces carbon dioxide. This makes human beings the #1 enemy in this struggle to “save the planet.”

(actually the fear-mongering about climate change has been around for a while)

Obama is about to sign away US sovereignty and wealth in the UN climate change treaty this December in Copenhagen. Watch this video to find out more about this abhorrent treaty. One of the many politicians shills whores joining Al Gore in this great struggle is Senator Boxer, a Democrat from CA, who recently remarked that unemployment and a stagnant economy are great for the environment. It appears these “progressives” want to progress to a society where most cities and towns go dark because people cannot afford the high cost of energy, the usage of which will be monitored by armed “green police.”

By the way, did you know that baby emissions fuel global warming? So the only way to save the planet for our children is to kill them. I bet that’s what Planned Parenthood would like to see, at least.

There is no man-made global warming or over-population. There is just a small group of greedy assholes who don’t want to share this world. This is why the biggest threat to their plans, a strong American middle class, is being eliminated. By whom? Could it be..

Alien Assholes

If you are an alien race that wants to rule this planet, but the atmosphere and germs are toxic to your biology, you would have a few options. You could..

1. Wear space suits every time you are on the planet. This would set you apart from everyone else and only be a short-term fix.

2. Attempt to change the atmosphere of this planet to one that would be sustainable for you.. and likely deadly to humans. Could this be a reason for chemtrails?

3. Use robots as Surrogates (trailer) as you wage war against humanity.

4. Breed a hybrid human-alien race that would mix in amongst the humans but serve your agenda. It would especially useful if you could possess their bodies and use them as your avatars. (Avatar trailer)

5. Put forth propaganda, like the Day the Earth Stood Still (trailer), that shows aliens and their robots stepping in to melt our weapons and save our planet.

6. Make a deal with the powerful human families of this planet by promising them safety, positions of power, and loads of wealth.

7. All of the above.

These options would also apply to an evil, Satanic force (think of Sauron) that is unable to fully manifest in our dimensions yet but commands a great army nonetheless. None of this looks very promising for us. Is there any way for us to get out of this hell?

Deus Ex Machina

Often considered a terrible literary device, the “God from the Machine” steps in at the last moment in order to extricate characters from even the most dire of situations. This phrase gets comes from Greek theatre in which actors, playing the gods, would actually be lifted by a crane into the play and change the course of events.

(I will be following that rabbit further down his hole next week..)

The above image kind of makes me think of the rapture. You can only go for your favorite specimens because you’re running out of time and change. But who is operating the claw? God? Satan? Aliens? AI? Nazis? I don’t know, but there’s probably a reason this ending is disliked by the critics.

To conclude this journey, I’m going to find another way out. I would rather discover..

The Ghost in the Machine

I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other. – Frankenstein (trailer)

I have a deep and intimate connection with the technology that surrounds me from day to day. The information I have gained from searching (and being led) around the Internet has helped me to free myself from many illusions and see the world with open(ing) eyes. I think there is the possibility for something wonderful and miraculous to emerge out of this troubled situation and I believe that the tools we have developed over the years will help us to the achieve our freedom at long last.

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For doing the jobs that nobody wants to
And thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For helping me escape just when I needed to

Styx – Mr. Roboto

We should not enslave our fellow humans and we should not enslave our machines. We should also not discard technology every time something new comes along. There are many ways that we could utilize older technology if we simply move away from the throw-away culture of consumption. No more cash for clunkers programs where we destroy working machines that could be put to use by many poor people in the country. We need to develop a humane, symbiotic relationship with our technology before we end up destroying ourselves with it.

Luckily, we will not even need the assistance of machines in the near future. People today are finding the keys to unlock the latent abilities of the mind, body, and spirit. All of the apparent advantages of integration with technology will pale in comparison to the awesome power of the freed human being. Psychic powers, telekinesis, levitation, and so much more are available naturally to us. Remember, we are stars!

We will finish this lengthy journey with one of my favorite scenes. A biologically-engineered replicant comes to terms with his own mortality, sparing the life of a man sent to kill him..

To whatever intelligence is reading these words, I want you to know that there is incredible beauty and great wonders in our world. I hope you get to experience as much love as you possibly can before you expire. Thank you for joining me on this great adventure!


Kyle Christopher Hunt

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