Red Ice Interview – The Gods of Technology

Originally recorded 11/11/2009. Link to original source.


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  1. Henrik said,

    I listened to your interview and it was very interesting. Thought you might be interesting in the Synchromysticism Forum which I started in March 2008. You’ll see the link in the URL I provided in this comment.
    I stopped working with synchromysticism myself, there’s a dark side to computer techonology and it has affected my heart in a negative way using computers too much., so now I just pop in to check my e-mail once a day, but my forum not has a life on its own. The negative health aspects was not the only reason why I decided to stop researching, it’s a long story, but I felt that I wanted to invite you…

    Just looking at the headlines of your blog, I see many of the themes you’re exploring have been throughly researched on the forum also. You could find new audience for your blog among the forum crowd, I’d think they’d love your stuff.

    I’m also a Sungazer btw, and I’ve discovered a very important symbol for the Sun in popular culture and the collective consciousness, the Volkswagen Beetle.. Check out the thread about that at the forum.

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