Raining Robots!

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Part V of The Star Spiral explores the imaginations and machinations of this disruptive machine.

Some quick connections to make before (or after) viewing:

  • Rain makes crops grow. G-rain is a big staple in the world today. There’s also b-rain, d-rain, t-rain, st-rain, ref-rain, and much more. Reins are what make a horse controllable.
  • Could it be that BO staged the rain to avoid his speech? Is he scared about something? Everything he says sounds like coded language.
  • Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill. (44% of their holdings)
  • Oil + dispersant + volatile weather = really bad news!
  • Notice how many times “baby” is used in these songs. Sure, it could be referring to a grown lover, but it sounds different to me.
  • Common Ground? “My future’s back lit”
  • China has a big, scary supercomputer – Dawning Nebulae.
  • Ethereal intelligences have long existed. Earth seems to be a large organism, like the sun, like us. Like the internet?
  • The energies of the organism extend well beyond its shell.
  • The enemy was called Charlie in Vietnam, after VC – Victor Charlie.
  • In the Top Gun scene, Charlie looks a lot like a man. What is it that Goose (!) and Maverick discuss?
  • Violins sometimes play as violet violence violates. See The Stygian Port.
  • Jennifer Connelly plays 7 in the movie 9. This relates strongly to the big-chested actress who played 7 of 9 in Star Trek.

Has this all been a set-up to sell a bunch of robots? It could be conditioning us to accept the presence of friendly, human-like companions in our day-to-day lives (so that we then have sex with them). It seems to be a general plan of depravity involving removing humanity from its natural existence on this earth.

I thought I would add a few more instances of Charles/Chuck (ground beef?) references that fit into this theme.

You can find many examples of everything you seen in these videos. I am only glossing over a very deep, but somewhat unexplored, area of research. I leave the real work for you.

I sincerely trust there are people out there watching that know this is not the way we should be living. Unless things are quickly changed, we will be seeing this world end in terrible calamity in almost no time at all.

Comments always appreciated.

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Reclaiming the Rainbow

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BP716 Rainbow and Bird

It’s Science

Technically, the rainbow represents the spectrum of visible light. This is only a very small section of the electromagnetic wavelengths, but it is the only part that our eyes are able to perceive.

We react to each of these different colors in unique ways. When we are immersed in a certain colors, our entire mood will change. Marketing professionals know this and will plan their color schemes accordingly. For example, a fast food restaurant or gas station will use the color combination of red and yellow because these colors make us move and eat more quickly. A fine restaurant will want you to stay longer, drink a few glasses of wine, and thoroughly enjoy your meal so they will use earth tones like brown, dark green, or blue.

These colors are fine and dandy, but there is much that exists outside of the visible spectrum of light. Our two closest neighbors are ultraviolet and infrared. In True Blue, I mentioned that blue eyes are able to see slightly more of the ultraviolet while brown eyes can see more of the infra-red.

I’m coming up on infra-red,
there is no running that can hide you
’cause I can see in the dark.

Placebo – Infra-red

The wavelengths further outside the rainbow are utilized by many different technologies. These technologies allow humans to see through living tissue, solve crimes, transmit and receive audio-visual information, and quickly and unhealthily heat food. I’m obviously leaving out a lot, but the important thing to note is that humans without the use of these technologies remain relatively unaware of the different energies that exist all around them.

The forces that seek to control this world are manipulating these invisible energies, with or without our knowledge, and largely to our detriment.

Right now, though, I would like to focus on a more obvious and “in-your-face” conspiracy.

The Rainbow Conspiracy

At some point in our recent history the rainbow turned homosexual. The word “gay” was also changed from its original meaning of happy.

Were a group of homosexuals able to successfully hijack our colors and our words? It could be a great public relations move, but it appears that there is something much deeper and more insipid going on here.

Before getting into the heart of this discussion, I would like to note that I see nothing wrong or evil about homosexuality. I will call it “homosexuality” because I do not like confusing the English language and find this to be a more appropriate term than gay. I also do not want to get into an extensive debate concerning nature vs. nurture issue. Homosexuality appears, like most other traits, to be a combination of both.

Lewd Leaders

In general, I am more concerned with the quality of a person’s character than their sexual orientation. But there is just some stuff that just goes too far..

(North American Man-boy Love Association.. really?)

It should be noted that many of the most influential people in the world, historically and currently, are homosexuals. This includes both the tyrants and the freedom fighters. Perhaps people who reject societal norms concerning sexuality are also more likely to reject other aspects of the culture.

It could be the case that homosexuality is a recessive trait that has emerged into prominence through the inter-breeding of the aristocracy. This would mean that many homosexuals were born into power. The homosexual men would have their male lovers, but also take wives so as to successfully fit into society and continue their lineage, which would pass on the genetics for homosexuality.

Richard Nixon (pictured along with Ronald Reagan above) once said, “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time… It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine..” If you are unfamiliar with this gathering, the male elite of this world gather in the Redwoods north of San Francisco to frolic around naked, plan global dominance, worship a large wooden owl, and get pleasured by young men.

Although hereditary influences must play their part, I would suggest that there has been a campaign to increase the homosexuality of our culture. Let us look at what has been fed to us.

The Chemicals Between Us

Drinking alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body and decreases the production of testosterone. Have you ever noticed how homo-erotic a group of drunk frat boys can be? Chronic use will cause a swelling of breasts and the shrinking of testes. Contrary to what beer commercials will tell you, drinking makes you less manly.

Unfortunately, not even our water is safe. Along with fluoride, chlorine, and Prozac, our tap water also contains varying levels of estrogen. This is reportedly due to the high amount of birth control pills taken by women, which recycle the estrogen back into the water supply after urination. Water treatment plants are unable to remove this estrogen, so it stays in there for the rest of us to consume.

If you’re thinking that you can drink bottled water and stay safe, you’d be wrong. Plastic contains an estrogenic chemical  that seeps into the water and delivers a “healthy” dose of functional estrogen every time you take a swig. (source)

Soy protein also serves to increase estrogen and reduce testosterone. Don’t worry too much, though. The fact of the matter is that estrogen exists in much of things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Estrogen and testosterone are necessary for males and females, but only when maintained at their proper proportions. The problem is that these levels are well out of whack, leading more masculine females and more effeminate men, along with numerous other health problems experienced by both sexes. Men are becoming increasingly infertile. This is not exclusive to humans; the sexual organs of wildlife are also being affected. (scientific research)

In 2007, Fox News carried this story – Air Force Considered Gay Love Bomb Against Enemies. This gay bomb would “chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to sex with each other rather than fight.” I’ll be damned if a gay bomb hasn’t been dropped all over America.

Ass You Like It

The media has taken the traditional image of a “man’s man” and turned him gay.

Although there should be a distinction drawn between homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals,  I would argue that these derivations and deviations are all part of an underlying trend. This culture of “de-masculinization” has been crafted over the past few decades and is constantly changing its colors like a chameleon.. a karma chameleon.

I would like to quickly point out the different kinds of homosexual men. There are normal men who have a proclivity toward other men. Some of these men are rather large, muscular, and overall macho. These guys are called “butch.” Then there are the other homosexual men – the “fags,” “marys,” or “femmes.” These men will walk, talk, and act like women. Many are even more effeminate than females. Because of their inability to hide amongst other men, these homosexuals are often “out of the closet.”

The cowboy was once a model for what a man should be – independent, strong, and assertive. Brokeback Mountain rammed this image of manhood right up its ass and turned it homosexual.

Where are the masculine Americans who once graced the silver screen?

I can’t stand Bruno. Everything about Sacha Baron Cohen as this character get me angry. The only scene of this movie that I saw is when Bruno tricked my favorite politician, Ron Paul, into a hotel room under the pretenses of conducting an interview. Bruno then then stripped down and tried to come on to the kindly old doctor who was under the impression he was was going to be interviewed about Austrian economics. Instead he was sexually assaulted by a Jew pretending to be a gay Austrian. I was at least happy to see Dr. Paul’s response as he stormed out of the room and remarked at how “queer” that guy was.

After writing a wildly successful series of books, adored by children all around the world, J.K. Rowling decided to announce that one of the main characters is gay. This character, Dumbledore, was seen as a source of wise, guidance, and protection for the young children in the novel.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Hollywood is extremely homosexual! The actors, the writers, the assistants, the films – all of it is “flaming.”

Homosexuals in Huggies

The programming begins at a very early age. Let’s start by taking a quick look at Reading Rainbow.

Okay, there is something very disturbing about this man’s pose and smile, but did you catch the title of the book that is open on his chest? Enemy Pie – really?! An interesting synchronicity to note is that this actor, LeVar Burton, also plays Geordi Laforge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His character has been blind since birth and requires a technologically advanced visor to be able to “see” the wavelengths of the world. He eventually is given a set of cybernetic eyes. What color does this black man choose? Blue, of course. (picture of Blue Eyed Geordi)

I know South Park isn’t really a kid’s show, but the image is from the episode where the crab people turn South Park gay.

I don’t watch children’s cartoons. Actually, I don’t really watch any television anymore. But I can still tell you that these shows are laden with homosexual characters, images, and dialogue. Some of it is hidden, but most of it is just hanging out there in the open.

The Celtic Rebel does an excellent job describing how the mass media pushes homosexuality, especially in his post Sunday Night in the Foxhole. I get a lot of great material from this guy.

You might be wondering, what effect is this having upon our youth?

Homosexual Hipsters

I’m sure you have seen people like this. They are generically known as “hipsters.” They can be found in most major cities and exhibit the following characteristics: tight pants, lots of scarves, cloves/cigarettes, general lack of knowledge, and serious gender confusion. Look at how indistinguishable their clothing styles are from each other. That woman is wearing man’s dress shirt and that man has a purse!

Okay, I have had enough of homosexual men. I must move on..

Luscious Lesbians

What is David Spade doing with that hot woman from Arrested Development? Oh, that’s right, it’s butch Ellen who came out to the world in a big public show and now has a popular talk show. The middle picture is more like lesbian pornography in which two attractive women “hook up” with each other for the benefit of horny men. What these men don’t realize is that they are quickly being left out of the equation. And lastly, we see teen sensation and role model for many young women, Lindsay Lohan, out with her boy/girlfriend.

Why is it that one partner in lesbian relationships will usually assume the masculine role? They will dress, talk, and act more like a man. Were their hormonal levels different from birth? Did it happen after they became lesbians? My sagacious friend (Steve) insists that this phenomenon occurs because the couples are mimicking the natural order of things. It makes biological, sociological, and cosmic sense for there to be a masculine and feminine.

And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

A Brief Homosexual History

Sexually deviant behavior has been around for quite some time. In Genesis, a Jewish document, we are told that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of his displeasure with all of the “non-vaginal” intercourse and bestiality. Not having heard or headed the warning, the Greeks couldn’t help but stay away from the butt. If you ask me, “Greek societies” are still pretty homosexual. Like the pederast Romans, the Greeks knew how to make one hell of a soldier..

who apparently didn’t need any body armor. I guess manly men need to show off their finely tuned abs and hairless chests. Moving along..

Christians came out against the practice of anal intercourse as wrong and condemned it. As fate would have it, it was many of the priests who just couldn’t help themselves. It is usually the sexually deprived men who end up forcing themselves upon young boys, hence the recent Catholic priest scandal. How terrible it must be having a Catholic priest up your bum as your first “religious experience.” And I do believe that these perverted priests find this experience to be spiritual.

Now we shall turn to the great ally of the Catholic Church in the 20th century and our reoccurring enemy here at Star Theory..

The Naughty Nazis

Although many people believe the “gay rights” movement grew out of the civil rights movement in America, it actually began in Germany toward the end of the 19th century. During this time, two competing philosophies emerged. One side believed that homosexual men were actually female souls trapped in male bodies – these were the “femmes.” The other side, known as the Community of the Special, believed that they were even more masculine than heterosexuals. “Modeling themselves after the military heroes of Sparta, Thebes and Crete, the members of the CS were ultra-masculine, male-supremacist and pederastic.” The CS went on to shape the masculine Nazi ideal. (Homosexuality in the Nazi Party)

(“We Build Body and Soul”)

Homosexuality was widespread, and even encouraged, in the Sturmabteilung (SA), the organization that was crucial in bringing Hitler to power. Hitler was also reported to be a homosexual, but after ascending to power he ordered the deaths of many members of the SA, but these killings and the future persecution of homosexuals were mainly politically motivated or targeted against femmes, who they believed to be inferior.

Fascist Globalism

There has been a rumor floating around that Barack Obama is a homosexual. There have also been many claims made that he is following directly in the footsteps of Hitler. Although I can see the similarities, I would argue that Obama is more of a Fascist Globalist than a National Socialist. Maybe this makes him a Fagl and not a Nazi. Either way, he sure does suck!

Now that I’ve called the president of the United States a homosexual, I will delve into a more serious matter.

Homosexuals in America have played a large part in bringing the Democratic Party to power. I guess they don’t realize that neither party could care less about them and their concerns. Riding on the back-sides of homosexuals, we have seen a new era of politics ushered into America and it is looking an awful lot like what happened in Germany before World War II.

But why turn Americans into homosexuals? I will attempt an explanation. Firstly, this is a great method of population control as homosexuals do not reproduce. This also serves to weaken the strong familial ties that once existed in America. Lastly, the homosexuals promoted by the media would not be able to offer up much resistance against a fascist takeover of America.

American Police Force is Gay

Oz is Gay

The American Police Force is a paramilitary organization, which is likely a front group for a much larger private security firm. They are currently operating a jail and police force in Montana. This is not an American company and they are not police, having never sworn any oath to obey and protect the Constitution. These contractors will likely be rounding up Americans and throwing them into prisons or FEMA/concentration camps. And you know damn well what happens in prison. (What is the American Police Force? by USA Today)

And now guess who is behind these guns? You got it.. more homosexuals, but this time they are the butch, Nazi type. The following pictures are of contractors employed at the US embassy in Afghanistan.

Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.. and paid for with your tax dollars.

The Nazi Media?

You might be wondering how I can claim that the media’s promotion of homosexuality is a Nazi plot. Most people would recognize that it is the Jews who control the media, banking system, and governments of the Western world. What you may have failed to pick up, however, is that it is not just any “Jews” pulling the strings – it is specifically the Ashkenazi Jews.

(the Raelian Swastika)

Maybe you have never even heard the term “AshkeNAZI” before so let me briefly describe who these people are. According to the Wikipedia entry on Ashkenazi Jews, they are “descended from the medieval Jewish communities of the Rhineland valley (in the west of Germany) and northern France.. The majority of the Jews who migrated from Europe to other continents in the past two centuries are Ashkenazim, Eastern Ashkenazim in particular. This is especially true in the United States, where most out of the 5.3 million American Jewish population – is Ashkenazi, representing the world’s single largest concentration of Ashkenazim.”

Ashkenazis are some of the biggest players in London, Switzerland, Israel, and the United States. Most people would think of them as “white” because of their light skin tone. Their bankers financed and controlled the rise of the Nazis. The holocaust was an effective way for them to purify their race of the darker Sephardic Jews and recently converted Jews of Eastern Europe, who had been converted by the Khazars.

Recently I saw that the Israeli government is encouraging Jews around the world to report any of their friends who might be marrying a non-Jew. They now have “vigilante police” going after any such couples. (article)

Just look at the concentration camps that have been set up surrounding Israel. They are still committing the same kinds of atrocities that they tricked Germany into doing in the 20th century. Consider that The United States has pledged allegiance, money, oil reserves, and military might to the State of Israel, a country that knowingly attacked the USS Liberty in 1967. Missing Links is an excellent documentary that shows the Israeli/Mossad connection to the events of September 11th, 2001. Why do you think we’re in the Middle East right now?!

Forget what the propaganda machine has told you about the Nazis and their enemy, “The Jews,” because it has been a lie. They are one in the same. And they are in the final stages of instituting their New World Order, a global fascist state with them at the top.

I don’t want to end on a sour (sore) note, so I will try to get out of this black hole. I will now touch upon a few very important points that I believe can help us in these troubling times.

The Light Body

Certain sexual acts serve to steal a person’s energy. It “plugs up” the natural ch-annel, which is an exit and not an entrance. Hmm.. in through the out door? On the other hand, there are natural and loving sexual practices that serve to increase energy flow and allow for heightened states of awareness.

When the mornin gather the rainbow
Want you to know I’m a rainbow too

Bob Marley – Sun is Shining

The human body is made up of energy centers known as chakras. When they are aligned and awakened, we are better able to become self-realized humans. This process of enlightenment leads us to understand our profound connection to the universe, each other, and our own divinity.

Did you really think that the light you see outside of yourself is not part of you? You are the one experiencing it! That light exists within you. It comes from a divine source and connects us back to our origins. We can tune out all of the junk and tune into the cosmic bliss that surrounds and engulfs everything and everyone.

As we are influenced by the electromagnetic fields that exist around us, we are also creating a field around our body. This field extends well beyond the body itself and is known as the Merkabah in Hebrew. Of course this is a Jewish word! This very important information has been kept hidden from us in the Torah. Various secret societies, such as the Freemasons and the Vatican, jealously guard their understanding of God from prying eyes. They do not believe that just anyone can be privy to this information as it requires years of training and dogmatic instruction. They are slowly releasing more and more of this information into the mainstream, but in slightly perverted ways.

I believe that everyone could benefit from this information, not just the elect.

We are beings of incredible power, but we choose to give this power away to the different entities that feed off of it. These ticks and leeches have attached themselves to humanity and are sucking us dry. But without us giving away our life force to them, they will struggle for a bit, but eventually shrivel up and die.

We need to be conscious of the different wavelengths we receive and transmit. We should be aware of how we exchange base energies like money, but also be conscious of the thoughts, language, and images that enter and leave our minds. These waves are actually “things” and they travel out in the world effecting the “things” around us. A simple example of this is how when you smile,  people cannot help but smile back at you.

Much of the energy transfer taking place is make in the non-visible realms. Because of this Obi-Wan Kenobi suggests, “your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them.” It is better to use your intuition.

Full Spectrum, Full Circle

Things in this world are rarely linear.

It appears that we end up right where we left off. Things move in cycles.

We do not need to see the world in black and white or in shades of gray. Why think in such terms when we have been given all of these wonderful colors? We have been provided with the paint and the canvas, now all we have to do is decide what we’d like to see. Every choice we make should lead to the completion of this masterpiece.

I’d like to see a world where people are unafraid to love each other. In this world humans are able to live in harmony with the natural world around them. They understand that they arose from the natural world and that they will one day return to it. These people understand that everything is a part of the universal energy.

In this world, all life is valued.

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