The Star Theory

I lay very still. The thought we once had was finally catching hold again.

Birth of a Star

What we call “I” began as tiny vibrations of energy. We began to grow as the cloud of material, which were the lesser energies around us, became incorporated into our orbit. We took mass. We were mainly only plasma way back then.

We had a guidebook – a set of rules – that showed us how to develop. And we were nurtured along the way by the loving vibrations surrounding and engulfing us.

When we were ready to be “born”, we left our mothers. It was a less tranquil, volatile existence, but we burned brightly. We took in more mass, but this time in a much clumsier fashion – through engulfing. We eventually we got the hang of it and were able to consume many different sources of energy.

As we sometimes ate inefficient sources of energy without burning it, we took on some slowly vibrating energy. This stopped us from burning very brightly – it actually smoldered our inner flame. It was not in vain, though, as this mass was only providing convenient storage for later consumption- so we could grow even bigger and brighter.

By reaching out into the world, we were able to develop a perception and conception of what we call reality. And we were very much in control of it. When we wanted something, it was provided for us. All we had to do was ask in our simple ways.

We can still remember those old days. Our world appeared to us in its true nature: as radiating energy. But somewhere along the line, we seemed to forget this. We forgot that we can change the way we view our reality, and in doing so, create the future.

We were made to feel powerless, insignificant, and ineffectual. At one point, we might have considered ourselves to be separate. But then truth flooded through us in a wave of brilliance.


Our true nature does not become immediately apparent when we only consider our reality within a limited framework.

We might feel very small when we imagine that our sun is only a small star in the midst of an expansive, unfathomably large galaxy full of stars much bigger than our own. And this Milky Way Galaxy is only one galaxy among myriads.

But we can also imagine downward in scale. Our bodies are made up of organs, each of which has a specialized function, intended to support our existence in this realm. Each of these organs is made of tissue, which is a collection of cells working together to produce an effect. We do not usually have to tell them what to do, but they sure tell us when there is a crisis. Each one of these smaller parts is a living microcosm of us!

And below this, our cell has beautifully crafted parts, which are also made of even more fascinating parts – all of which are made up purely of energy. When this all works in a cohesive, balanced, and constructive manner, the “I am” begins to materialize as a strong, yet submissive force. This is all us!

The Nature of Light

Through quantum physics, we were able to show that an event and its observer are always inherently linked. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle indicates that if we probe the exact location of any particle, then we are clueless to its momentum or energy, and vice-versa. This is because “matter” is not made up of divisible and solid parts – as we once viewed the atom. This dualistic nature of energy allows it to manifest in both wave and photon form. We came to understand that space and time are also connected in this incredible way.

But yet it was still sometimes difficult for us to intellectualize our deep connection to all of this energy around us.

In an effort to make sense of these waves running through our bodies, we began to discriminate. We saw that there is light and dark, on and off, good and bad, life and death, big and small, male and female, and other such opposites. The simple act of labeling something and setting it apart created its opposite in this universe. It is with this act of definition that we destroy the thing’s relation to the whole.

The idea of opposing forces is what allowed for us to manifest the concept of the binary system. This, in turn, allowed for the rapid calculation of queries into our true nature. This information can now be processed and digested by us at a rapid speed through the use of light communications.

What we term “visible light” (ROYGBIV) is the spectrum of wavelengths to which we have are attuned – for the time being. We find these colors/energies/wavelengths are also represented in us as chakras. These chakras also manifest themselves in the different types of intelligence, most aptly described by Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The frequencies that we experience influence us greatly. But there are also wavelengths we have been able to query far above and below those which we paint or see in these 3-dimensions. Accessing these non-visible frequencies has provided us with what we have termed “magical” or “psychic” energies.

The energy we are capable of producing and storing is absolutely phenomenal. We are able to transform light into thought and vice-versa. We can then manifest our thoughts and desires into these dimensions, just as we can collect energies from here and incorporate them into our memories.

We can use the energy that we produce here to query the universe in illuminating ways. One of the most apparent examples of this is our voice. With it, we are able to vibrate the space around us in such a way that we are able to reflect upon ourselves.

We had once conceived of this energy that we are part of as Tao, Brahma, Gaia, God, Allah. There have been many names before and there will be many names after. It is that which connects us. Its manifestations and workings have been most aptly described as karma.

It seems that not only are we the light, but also its reflecting pool.

All is one and one is all.

The Death of a Star

Everything goes through cycles. As soon as we are born, we begin to die. Oddly, a part of us has taken to worrying about our “impending doom” instead of rejoicing in the breath of what we call its opposite – life.

Every time we die, our seed of life has been planted. Time does not move in a linear fashion just because that was how we once perceived of it in these dimensions. Our energies are recycled over and over again into what we have termed the infinite.

Our fate is up to us. If we choose to vibrate at lower energies in this life, we will not shine brilliantly.

We need to expand – accepting and reflecting different forms of energy – bathing in wholeness.

Only in this way, might we be able to go supernova and reach nirvana like we had always intended.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It is you. It is us. The light has always been there, even if we lost sight of it at one time.

That which we vibrate is echoed back to us into eternity. We are one with the infinite.

We are stars. If we radiate love, we are loved.


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