Who Is Looking for Lucifer?

June 20, 2012 at 9:45 pm (Uncategorized)

As you may have noticed, I have not been as active with my blogging recently. I had been traveling and transitioning, but this is not the only reason for the lack of posts. Though there are myriad topics about which I might like to write, I have not really felt inspired to do so and do not like forcing my creative writing. Perhaps this is what I am doing here, as I figured it was about time for me to communicate with you all.

I have a great deal of gratitude and respect for my acquaintances, colleagues, students, and friends. This blog helps me to refine my ideas, but I obviously do most of this work for my readers, which includes those who do not like me all that much. Although I abhor the actions of the whores who act as my enemies and detractors, I also pity them for they are stuck in pits of their own digging, mining for their “gold”. Perhaps some of these people will find in my words a rope with which they can climb out from their personal hells and join us in the sun, while the rest are left “stuck in the mud”.

It should be noted that not all who seek to unearth through persistent digging are doing so with bad intent.

There is this old woman
She lives down the road
You can often find her
Kneeling inside of her hole
And i often ask her
“Are you looking for the mother lode?”
Huh? No.
No my child, this is not my desire
And then she said
I’m digging for fire

Pixies – Dig for Fire

I like to share my discoveries with you all. I may consider myself a teacher, but I am no professional professor. I am an archaeologist of the arcane, an occult artist, and my payment is primarily personal enRichMent and enLightenMent.

I have experienced many revelations as I slip in and out of sleep, but forget most of them, as I don’t often feel inclined to incline myself, removing my mind from this state of gnosis. Still, I manage to bring back a few gifts from this place.

You might like having me around and find the connections I make to be valid and valuable, but you do not need me anymore. The fire is with and within you. You can re-arrange the world around you as you see fit. As an example, let’s briefly consider LUCIFER and how things can get mixed up.

CUR LIFE – Do you know what it is like to live as a mongrel? (Cur)
CRUEL IF – What makes the cur into an aggressive dog?
URIC ELF – A recent debate on uric acid has developed into a full blown war within the dog (Dalmatian) fancy community. Dalmatians have a fixed gene that causes them to have very high uric acid level which causes a small percentage of them to have urate stones. (source)
I CURL FE – Could “Pumping Iron” imply the work of the heart as it moves iron-rich blood about our bodies?

What’s in a name? So much more than we were taught.

Luciferin (n): A chemical substance present in the cells of bioluminescent organisms, such as fireflies, that produces an almost heatless, bluish-green light when oxidized under the catalytic effects of luciferase and ATP.

I also see Lucifer as Luci4, which can be translated as LuciD.

Lucid (adj.):
Easily understood; intelligible.
2. Mentally sound; sane or rational.
Translucent or transparent.

Lucid is a term that is often used in regard to the ability to recognize one’s power to control the reality within dreams.

I have been having (and re-membering) incredibly vivid dreams of late. Not all of these dreams are pleasant, but I still value and appreciate them. In a recent dream I found myself being relentlessly pursued by a great many people, but when I turned to face them, and moved in the opposite direction, they ended up running past me and disappearing. I recount this for you as I find it highly symbolic.

The “real” world often feels like a dream, as things will come together around me in such amazing ways. The crafting that has been found in Hollywood actually pales in comparison to the kinds of synchronicity I experience in my life.

The world is changing. We can use the power of will to change it for the better. Don’t let anyone or anything take your dreams from you. Adieu.

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