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This Sunday (11/28) at 7PM EST Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor returned to the radio show! (Illuminating the Darkening Sky)

Write-up coming soon. Click on the link above for the archived show.

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The Fountain of Life

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Spurting FOrth

Fountains are very important to mankind. They are symbolically loaded, representing some of the fundamental aspects of being alive in this world.  The fountain is incredibly beautiful, but without care, it will stop gushing into the air and the pools of clear water will become clogged with leaves and dirt.

“Knowledge is the only fountain both of the love and the principles of human liberty” – Daniel Webster

Hopefully by understanding the metaphor of the fountain, we will be able to gain insight into the esoteric nature of life and death, reveal the octopus(sy cat) as the soul beast, and cleanse the waters so that they might flow freely yet again.

This popular type of fountain creates a number of arches coming out from the center. If you are to take a cross-section of the fountain, it looks very similar to the symbol for McDonald’s. Sure, this could be mere coincidence, but many of our 2 dimensional symbols should be reflected upon, broken apart, and translated into 3 dimensions (or more) in order to fully understand their significance.


As for the constructed fountains of Greece, Rome, Persia, Renaissance Europe, and today – they were not created arbitrarily, without precedence. This was likely man’s attempt to represent or recreate the wonder he saw in the natural world.

Shower of the Gods

In certain places, the natural forces of the world work together to send water shooting up into the sky – this is a geyser (“guy sir”). As water moves upward and outward, it separates into droplets – small spheres that move through space before returning to the pool of water or becoming absorbed into the earth. This can be seen on a larger scale when “it” rains.

Trees also form a fountain of sorts, which is especially evident in trees like the weeping willow. Behind the b-ark, great amounts of water flow. In another sense, a tree can be a fountain of leaves, falling year after year.

Phoenix Tree

(Tree Songs of the Gentle and Mighty)

From the ashes rise, until you meet the fire of the sun
To burn, your ashes with the earth now merging into one
A tree, from ashes growing, dances with the sun again
Its roots, a bridge of lifetimes, drinking deeply of the icy rain
Love’s tapestry is interwoven, branches dancing in the velvet night,
As the leaves are gently falling, singing stories of the Sun’s sweet Light

Volcanoes can be destructive in their fiery rage, but they end up creating great masses of land as the magma becomes lava and then cools. The human, like the earth, burns on the inside although this fiery nature is mostly hidden from view.

Vulcan (or Hephaestus) is the god of technology and a creator of great armaments and machines. Vulcan’s wife is Venus and when she is away, he bangs away in fury at his forge and causes eruptions.

The Holy Mountain, which is discussed at The Stygian Port, could help connect some of this symbolism: Rubedo is the last post in this series after, Nigredo, Albedo, and Cauda Pavonis. The name “Rubedo” refers to the last phase of the alchemical process when the Stone is finally achieved. Aye, there’s the rub! 😉

“God is the universal substance in existing things. He comprises all things. He is the fountain of all being. In Him exists everything that is.” – Seneca

The phallic phoenix rises, falls, and then rises again.

The Pen-is and the S-word

Now let’s consider the fountain pen(is) – written words, like the ink of the octopus, can be used to blind and distract potential predators as a hasty retreat is made.

The ink of the octopus, or any cephalopod, is composed of highly concentrated melanin. This is the same dark pigment that we humans have, and which is responsible for skin color and the color of dark hair. It is a natural dye that cephalopods manufacture in an ink sac.. When the need arises, octopuses squirt this ink together with a jet of water and are able to guide the direction of the squirt. The result is a cloud of ink, which is used defensively as a visual screen or a distraction to predators. (source)

Octopus ink is red and chemically much different than that used by humans. The white “ink” from a penis co-creates kin of flesh, while black ink can be used to create and quench fires in the minds of mankind. Both inks can be used to create KinGDoms.

Drafting and Crafting

Creating can be incredibly rewarding, as I experienced working as a set designer in theater. With only a few tools (Thules?) – like the scale ruler, comPass, square, and triangle – one can draw up plans for pretty much anything. The job of a designer is similar to that of an architect; pulling ideas, stories, materials, and images together in order to create a place in which people can become charactors and “play their parts. ”

Building and buildings are inherently sexual. Although many buildings are representative of the phallus, they also serve a womb-like function of protecting people from the destructive elements of nature. In The Fountainhead Ayn Rand writes of Roark, the architect who showed the world how individual genius can create things unimagined by collective ineptitude. But whereas he seemed to want to conquer nature, I have different ideas in mind.

..Many seeds in the starlit night
Fell softly from the hidden grove
I gathered all that I could find
To travel with me round the globe
To the cities glaring light

Far away from the hidden wood,
I plant a seed from the shadowed grove
So wood and city may entwine
and dwellings wed with tree and stream
where only concrete stood.

The Heart of Nature

“The fountain of beauty is the heart, and every generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber” – Francis Quarles

Could it be the Fauntain we are after? It does look like he has “fun” – playing his pipes, loving his women, and lounging in the wood all day. There are stories of Pan as the Pid Piper, luring children off into the woods to rape them, but that could be part of a smear campaign by the other, jealous gods to keep the young away from nature and the spirits that reside there. Apollo (a chicken in Spanish.. cock, a doodle, doo) is said to have beat Pan in a musical duel, with all but Midas agreeing the sunny god to be the victor.

This story could also be relating the struggle between two or more different tribes, cultures, and ways of living with the world. Pan had no desire for the polished cities of the Greeks and Romans, as he preferred to cause a ruckus in the fields and streams. Needless to say, the city dwellers would not take too kindly to the rugged ways (and smell) of Pan. I feel like I am the child of these two different worlds, straddling each – finding some things of value in both.

The Fo of You

“The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death” (Proverbs 13:14)

People have been searching for the fountain of youth for ages. We are often led to believe that the explorers of the new world were looking for an actual fountain of water, which could heal and grant eternal life. This could be what the explorers were looking for, but the quest is much like that for the Holy Grail and Philosopher’s Stone, and should not always be taken so literally. Needless to say, some people might have gone down some dark alleys while looking for this mythic fountain.

One of the areas of research into which I have plunged, largely due to the Celtic Rebel, has to do with the theft of energy from youth. Apparently through the anal vampirism of the young (especially boys), the “elite” have been able set themselves up with a pyramid scheme of domination, which provides them with wealth, long life, and luxury. This is not so far-fetched as it first sounds, especially when considering the energetic nature of the human, with the dormant Kundalini energy residing at the base chakra. This method of prolonging death is stealing the (as)sols of the innocent, plugging their fountains an inhibiting free flow.

This is an unnatural and terrible way to extend life . This is not the fountain that I seek, but since we are considering the “underworld” I thought it could be good to find a guide.

The Horny Hunter

Most people will watch a movie like Avatar and probably feel a desire for some kind of connection to nature and a cultural background upon which they can paint their lives. What most people do not understand is that white people have a very rich history with our own “indigenous” cultures. They appear to have been wiped out over the years, “white washed” and lifted by Christianity, but I feel like we are seeing is the “rise” of a spiritual force that has been dormant for many years, waiting for the time to return its kingdom to the earth.

The consort of the Goddess and symbol of male energy in the form of the divine, The Horned God reigns. He is the lord of the woodlands, the hunt and animals. He provides for the tribe through the hunt and is honored or rewarded for his deed by being permitted to copulate with the Goddess through the Great Rite. The Horned God is is the lord of life, death and the underworld. (source)

The Horned One is also represented as Herne the Hunter, Cernunnos (conCERNed?), Osiris, Pan, and Odin.

When looking for the fountain of life, it would be wise to consider that which has provided us with warmth, love, and sustenance over the years. The sun and woman.. the brightest lights in my life.

Youth’s Fountain

As we grew in the darkness, our mothers housed us in warm waters and fed us from their energy, which first came from the sun. Once born, we were nourished by mother’s milk and raised with her love. This could be the reason men and women alike seem to be so enamored with breasts.

A rather bizarre study carried out by German researchers suggests that staring at women’s breasts is good for men’s health and increases their life expectancy. (source)

“The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source.” – Lucretia Mott

Some might find it somewhat hypocritical that I would use a quote about degradation of women right after posting a painting of nude females. Perhaps I am “objectifying” them, but I am not only interested in the physical material of the body, although I do think that such beautiful objects deserve to be represented in their natural glory.

O, Sirens from Sirius

Dagon is a Semitic fish and fertility god, while the Dogon tell of fish people who came from Sirius. Nimrod was apparently a great-grandson of Noah and can often be seen dressed as a fish. Today, some Christians sport the “Jesus fish” while many other people listen to the groovy tunes from the redheaded lead singer of Phish. The Little Mermaid features a redheaded fish-person and tells something of an ancient tale, similar to that of the seal-people or selkie. I don’t know the truth behind these legends, but it could shed some light on phrases like “scales of justice.”

Why are Octopi often made out to be the villain in our stories? Ursula in Little Mermaid, Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, Cthulhu in the Lovecraft story – all take after that intelligent creature of the sea. It could be that the octopus actually represents our own soul operating the many aspects of our lives.

Pure Waters

We are fountains of water. When we are happy or sad, we cry tears of salt. We urinate away most of our toxins – if we are healthy and well-hydrated, the stream is clear. Unfortunately, the streams coming into our bodies is often full of chemicals like fluorine, chlorine, and other dangerous compounds. Once upon a time, our streams, rivers, and oceans were clean and teaming with all kinds of life.

Do not let this inhibit you from leading a joyous, fulfilling life. As for myself, I like to use knowledge to steer my craft toward clear waters and fruitful endeavors.

Coming Together

Some moments of passion are so intense that they are said to be accompanied by fireworks.

If something smells fishy, don’t worry – it’s supposed to be like that 😉

Go get wet!

“You must intensify and render continuous by repeatedly presenting with suggestive ideas and mental pictures of the feast of good things, and the flowing fountain, which awaits the successful achievement or attainment of the desires.” – Claude M. Bristol

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Concentric Circles [Phoenix Conquers]

November 7, 2010 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized)

The latest cover of Rolling STone was brought to my attention by Duke. There is much there to consider, especially the date, issue number, prison reference, and mention of Phoenix conquering America. In the featured article, 47 year old Conan remarks to his publicist (out of nowhere): “I’ve been telling him about my racial theories.. I will be proved right one day!”

See how things are converging? Take a look at my last few articles: The Rebel Alliance, Core Samples and A Feast for the Eyes (pics) for more connections.

Briefly, let’s concentrate on the significance of CON. C=3, O=15, N=14, making CNO = 3.1415. & C=3, O=1+5, N=1+4, making CON = 365.

In the Isisian codes, T=4, making CAT = 3.14.

Waddell provides coins left in ancient Briton by Phoenician mariners with the name “ Catti ” imprinted on them. Likewise, he notes that “the Phoenicians usually spelt their tribal name of ‘ Khatti ‘ or ‘ Catti ‘ or ‘Gad,’ and were in the habit not infrequently of calling their rivers at their settlements ‘ Gadi,’ ‘Gad- es ‘ or ‘ Ka-desh ‘.”
Read more: Were the Phoenicians Related to the Hittites?

The riddle of the sphinx could be that some people have this cat/gad/god blood running through their veins.. and that a sphinx is a s-phoenix.

The above is Akhenaten as a sphinx. Although one of the darker pharaohs, Akhenaten’s mother (Queen Tiye) had red hair. (source) In fact, most all pharaohs (fair-Os) had fair skin, reddish hair, and blue eyes. Perhaps the climate changed too much for the light rulers or maybe they were thrown out by their darker subjects.

The story goes out even further, though. There are many reports about a human colony on Mars, which the “elites” have been planning to use as their safe haven for global cat-astrophe.

Am I the product of Martians? Are the Aryans from Ares? These ancestors could have been travelers (Mar-iners, Navi-gators, pi-lots) who were apt to spread their genes and intelligence throughout the solar system because of their advanced technology and powerful spirit. Because Mars is smaller and has less gravity than Earth, these beings were as giants to the people here and produced incredible hybrid offspring.


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The Rebel Alliance [11/5 Update]

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November 5th Update

The infamous blogger, talk show host, and documentary filmmaker came back to the show on November 3rd for a discussion of ark creation and how to save one’s self in an age when media and governmental organizations seek to degrade and undermine public consciousness at every level.

Celtic Rebel III The Ark of Salvation on Blogtalk (download)

(aIrcRAFT pi-lots)

Here’s the link to Alex’s post, which also contains my appearance on his last show. The Rebel gets into some darker and “dirtier” territory than most, but I consider most of his observations to be valid, sometimes entertaining and largely informative. We touch on many issues including (but not limited to) – the Phoenix symbolism, ship metaphors and connections, various Hollywood i-cons, the idea of dead souls, and the Burning Ring of Fire. We also take some calls from friends and, of course, Cthulhu comes up..

If you perform a simple shift on Ack-bar’s name, you arrive at Admiral Barack, who has just flown the coup to hide in India. Apparently it is costing Americans $200 million a day for El Presidente to be over there. Chump Change! He will also be visiting the Gandhi museum via a long tube. (source)

These are ridiculous days and require serious, sober discussion. I hope you weren’t expecting to find it here 😉

The promotional image above was created by Duke Westfold, who runs the Stynkromysticism fan page on Facebook (a fun stream of content). There are some interesting things to note about the image. For instance, Flanders/Pan/Devil/Kyle? has the trident of Poseidon and his legs/staff form an M with a tail, much like the Scorpio symbol. Also, the Krusty seal of approval seems significant considering McDonald’s announced the return of the McRib sandwich on November 4th, the news of which dwarfed the Fed’s decision to pump over $600 billion more into a “stimulus” or gold’s new record high. (source – thanks Kris K)

The Simpsons’ Ribwich from Krusty Burger..

People are chemically induced to love and crave this shit. It is intended to make us all fat, stupid, and incapable of functioning  at a higher level of consciousness. If only something could be done about it..

I posted the picture of Hank Scorpio on the Star Theory fan page on November 2nd and Duke informed me that “You Only Move Twice” originally aired on November 3rd, 1996. I watched the episode and found some interesting connections. Some might appreciate that when leaving Springfield Homer shouts, “So long Stynk town!” Or that when near completion of his plans, Hank tells Homer, “Project Arcturus could not have succeeded without you..” Hank ends up taking over the East coast and gives Homer the Denver Broncos as a present.

I don’t really know how or why everything seems to tie in and line up the way it does, but I find it happening everywhere. And since Homer gets a Colorado team, let’s jump over to CO:

The most recent episodes of South Park have dealt with the rise of Cthulhu after BP (2,16) changes to DP (4,7) and s-crews the moon. It features the kids as superheroes, but only one has a supernatural power- Mysterion. Myst-erion connects to The Mist, which was brought up in the show, as it also deals with the rise of Cthulhu. It is revealed that Myster-ion is actually Kenny, who can be killed time and again, but like the Phoenix, is able to rise back to life.

I put together the above image to show how Sting plays the same role as the Crow in fighting the New World Order in dark times. Sting eventually fell and sold out to the NWO, before it decayed and splintered from within. The NWO faded into WCW irrelevance before popping back into public consciousness as a big threat to the entire globe, as seen through many youtube videos and as heard from many radio broadcasts. It appears that this has all been orchestrated long ago and people are playing their various roles, but is this a deterministic, pre-written play? I would suggest not. When sailing upon the seas of fate, one should have the rudder in one hand and the line to the sail in the other. Then you can get somewhere..

Don’t trust the television, don’t trust the internet, don’t trust me, and don’t trust Alex. You also probably shouldn’t rely on anyone that suggests sinking to the depths instead of swimming, treading water, or reaching shore. Figure things out on your own. There is that old saying about “give a man a fish..”, well I would like to update it to the topic at hand: Why build a really big ship for everyone when you can help people to build their own?

I had someone mention that the sound effects were a little cheesy, but a farce is what ensues when an arc/ark  is surrounded by Fe. I wanted to have some fun and not take my persona or my show too seriously, although maybe I should run a tighter ship and s-crew around a bit less. We were born into a prison of the body and for the mind, but it doesn’t mean we should seek to stay in this zoo..

(the mCrib)

The only way most people can taste any semblance of freedom in this world is by going out to the bars, where they can see what it could be like in the “spirit” world. But the spirits being offered in this place are not free and they come at a hefty price. We have been given a life sentence and now need to find a way to escape – I believe this is the essence of the arc/k.

The good news is that I feel like the Black Iron Prison is fading (rusting) away at an accelerated pace, although it may seem to be constricting ever more. I don’t have any real evidence to support my stance and I know that the coming years will be tough, but I do have reasons to hope for the future, some of which I keep to myself.

This video is basically a 7+ min acid trip that came out yesterday, which syncthesizes (can I coin that?) some of what The Rebel and I discuss.

I wanted to leave my m-ark (cat-amaran?) and I believe I have. Where I go from here is bound to be wild. There may be some smooth sailing, but I suspect a bit of turbulence. Thanks for coming along for the rise.

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