Energetically Reviving Our Spiritual Nature

September 13, 2012 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)

I am will not apologize for who I am. I will not be made to feel guilty for being born into my skin. I am proud of my ancestors and all they accomplished. I seek to live up to their greatness and inspire others to do the same, so that we can have a future on this earth. However, I do not want my people to merely exist, I want to see us flourish for generations to come.

I recently had a radio show on the topic of racism against white people, white guilt, and the promotion of a white genocide. I suggest you have a listen if you have not already heard it – Revealing The War Against White People.

I will not sit idly by as my race suffers through lies, smears, and violence. I would hope members of any other race would do the same for their people, and also hope that they will see the historical, present, and future value of my kin(d).

The ruling powers have sought to sever us from our roots, hide our past, infect our minds, and destroy our blood. To be honest, they have done a rather good job thus far. This battle is being waged at both the physical and spiritual level. We need true, brilliant, devoted warriors.

I will keep dealing with these issues on my show every Saturday at 7 PM Eastern.


  1. Ferdinand said,

    Also, 9/13 @ 8 PM Eastern:
    Sledge will be bringing on David from Texas to discuss the destruction of paganism and polytheism via the installation of the Judea Chrisitian Brainwashing Religions. This was done to seperate humans from nature and to get people to stop praising things they could actually see. As we see the replacement of the SUN with the SON. In this discussion David and Mike will also discuss the hijacking of occult topics by various disinformation agents within this fake “truth” movement.

  2. Energetically Reviving Our Spiritual Nature « Star Theory « Skywatch Melle said,

    […] Geschrieben von wolkenwatcher Energetically Reviving Our Spiritual Nature « Star Theory. […]

  3. eugene said,

    The last gambit for the “sides of the north” is upon us. The signs this week alone were stupendously clamoring.

    The white races have been skinned and ben buffalo bill has been speaking from the pagan pulpit sites with churches chicken on top of them for a long while.

    The ears of the white women are earnestly listening, singing along, as they grind the meat at Tophet’s altar. Their children beg for something to eat, the darker tribes undo their zippers under the counter-top, the children are not heard amidst the orgasmic cooking class.

    Professor Marvel in his skin suit has all the power it needs to finish the Wa-Wa-Wa work of the three contractions.

    We pine for what no longer exists. Only the fire will bring new stories. There is no way for this not to happen.

  4. heartmind said,

    one could say the whole alternative media “movement” was to derail from the white genocide project…

  5. Dennis said,

    Dude you are going ferrel, the great white brother hood. Sieg Heil. The race of homo sapien sapien is 99.8% homogenous, all cultures respect the soul in it’s travels. You are so proud of what? Your racial memories are contaminated by racism. One world is enough for all of us. Freak

    • Dennis said,

      Ok let me take back the freak statement. I have seen white people go the way of hate for various reasons. I truly hope your interest in the subject is not harmful to yourself. I live across the street from a bigot, and see what white pride has done. Brain worms and parisitic hate. Dennis

      • heartmind said,

        Dennis, you live near White Trashonilists, they do not represent true organic white nationalism if yous description of their behavior and life out come is accurate, and not from your liberal brainwashed subconscious bias..

  6. heartmind said,

    “Modern humans are exposed to an often bewildering array of cultural messages that affect how they see the world. These messages are often directed at the explicit processing system, and they may be influenced by a wide range of competing interests. For example, it is a commonplace that media images have important effects on behavior even though people are often unaware that their behavior is influenced by the images. These images are often engineered by advertisers who are consciously attempting to influence the recipients of the messages in ways that conform to the advertisers’ interests, not those of the audience. More important, media messages shape the discussion of issues related to white identity and interests. The culture of critique has become the explicit culture of the West, endlessly repeated in media messages but packaged differently for people with different levels of intelligence and education, and for people with different interests and from different subcultures. The message…is that by programming the higher areas of the brain, this explicit culture is able to control the implicit ethnocentric tendencies of white people. In attempting to find a way out of this morass, therefore, changing the explicit culture is critical. It won’t be easy, but I suggest that the first step is a psychological one: Proud and confident explicit assertions of ethnic identity and interests among white people, and the creation of communities where such explicit assertions are considered normal and natural rather than a reason for ostracism. The fact that such assertions appeal to our implicit psychology is certainly an asset. It’s always easier to go with a natural tendency than to oppose it. And in this case, opposing our natural ethnocentric tendencies by using our quintessentially human prefrontal inhibitory control against our own ethnic interests is nothing less than collective suicide.” – Kevin Macdonald

  7. delcroix said,

    hi kyle i’m wondering if you would like to come on my show some friday night …9pm gmt 4 est on awake radio …the delcroix show on a friday ??? i should just ask the rebel for your skype but i’m not like that and i’m shure the rebel is the same …lol anyway you can get me at …. delcroix2012 on skype ..or joeypb222@yahoo.com peace man

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