Rectified Thinking in a World at War

April 2, 2013 at 4:30 pm (Race)


I have not blogged here for some months now as I have been incredibly busy. After I was ejected from Oracle, I put my efforts into developing Renegade Broadcasting as a powerful platform, free from the old platitudes. One of the necessary steps along the way was to remove the retarding and debasing elements from the conversation.

This is why the “Celtic” “Rebel” is no longer associated with our operation in any way. Although he and I did some decent work together in the past, I feel obliged to apologize for the filth and promotion of degenerate behaviors. Many people could no longer take the inane shows, laced with vile diatribes, and are now former listeners.

Actually, since Mike Sledge and I stopped broadcasting from Oracle, the whole network saw a drastic drop in listeners. So many people jumped ship that Oracle officially shut down its operation as of April 1st. The “Rebel” was the last fool to broadcast from there, ending his show with technical difficulties that resulted in my old bumper music being played throughout his commercial breaks, before the stream shut down unexpectedly. Perhaps the gremlins thought it was an appropriate farewell to play tunes like “Sledgehammer” and finish off with “Overture to The Sun”. I know I certainly enjoyed it.

Alex and others over at the now defunct broadcasting platform have tried to slander Mike and myself as racists, supremacists, bigots, and Nazis. These attacks were ineffective, so they decided to spend much of their last weekend on the air launching disgusting personal attacks on us, whilst never debating the overwhelming evidence we have brought to public attention. They do not seem to care if we are actually correct concerning the genocidal policies and propaganda targeting the European peoples of the world. Apparently they would rather make asses of themselves as they sink into oblivion.

I have been too dedicated to let their tactics distract me too much from my goal of raising awareness and organizing an opposition. To that effect, I have created some short videos that I would like to share with you. This is a matter near and dear to my heart and I sincerely think you will never be the same after being exposed to this information.

Dangers of “Diversity”:

Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda:

The Reality of Racial Violence:

These videos are part of a propaganda campaign to promote National Protectionism, which is a new organization created by Mike and myself to deal with the ever-increasing threat to our people. If you don’t think white genocide could happen here, just look at what the Communists did when they took control in the 20th century or what’s happening today in South Africa. You won’t find their atrocities in Hollywood movies, but this doesn’t change the facts.

If enough people understand the dire threat we are facing, then we will surely be able to persevere. Thank you for your consideration.


  1. John said,

    Starting watching the first video, which looked interesting except the sound was drowned out by that annoying piano music! Can you re-output these movies without music overwhelming the sound? Maybe have no music, or have music at 1/5 to 1/10 of the current volume. You may have a good point to make in these videos, but how can anyone realize it if they are turned off by being unable to hear the videos because of the superloud music?

    • Ferdinand said,

      Here ya go, the video without music:

  2. dukewestfold said,

    damn. I sure missed a lot while my internet addiction was under control.

  3. HBS said,

    Rebel for years goes “jews this, and jews that” … most of it being true, but wouldn’t that be considered ‘racist’? I cant believe it went down like that, for such an ‘open mind’ as the rebel, or I thought. Mr. Icuthroughthebrainwashing rebel turned out to be just as culturally and racially brainwashed as the average ethnomasochistic dotard

  4. Aziz said,

    Hey Kyle, good to see you back!
    I didn’t watch the whole videos to be honest (I’ll do soon) but I have to agree with your point here, I’ve always noticed this “race” propaganda, and here in Saudi Arabia I thank god we still marry from other tribes like us or other Semitic ethnicities, the Saudi population is 80% carrying the J haplogroup which is associated with ethnic Middle Eastern people, we still have some black people mainly from the remains of slavery our tribes used to have and some of them tries to intermarry with us, and not doing so doesn’t mean we are racists, this is our blood and identity and land, and you well-said what I mean in your post. Thanks my Celtic friend for your beautiful and highly-conscious threads.

  5. James said,

    I first noticed a problem when your link disappeared off Celtic Rebel’s blog page.
    I can see that he’s not that much of a “Rebel”, but you put “Celtic” in “” as well. Why’s that? Is he English or something?

    I did ask on his blog once who this Dov Cohen guy is (I think that was his name) who ran Oracle. Sounds like a Jewish name, but Celtic Rebel was getting heavily anit-jewish there for a while, so it didn’t quite add up.

    I noticed that while it was OK to say whatever you liked about jews, and Nazis on his show, Asians and Blacks were sacred. He even said Irish women didn’t look very good. Strange for a Celtic Rebel. Having been to some of the places he mentioned, my opinion is pure is beautiful and that the white race is beautiful.

  6. alex said,

    kyle!!! finally i know more, i didn’t catch up with all this and was wondering what the hell had happened. i don’t know about alex and you, but everything i learned from you and him in 2011 and ’12 was exactly what i needed and i’m thankful to both of you!

    i was also wondering why your link disappeared, link james in the last comment. anyways. i know what i have gotton out of it and no matter what has happend, the time while you were collaborating opened the eyes of thousands of people.

    honestly i don’t care about race mixing, from all i know about biology and DNA, everything can be “fixed” so to speak by so called evolution 😉 but everyone has the right to decided who he is going to marry/have children with, and these elites have NOT the right to interfere with peopel’s decisions that’s one sure thing!

    i’m happy to read from you again, and i sincerely hope the situation in the USA will heal soon, because some people who where there told me about the poverty and the potential for cruelty that you can sense under the surface… i hope you are safe, and i hope the trolls don’t suck too much of your energy!

    have a great weekend!

    ~ alex (good girl from germany, not evil anymore LOL)

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