Releasing The Creative Fires

August 4, 2011 at 4:24 pm (Uncategorized)

There is a new 3 hour show in the archives of Star Theory Radio! DrewMa co-piloted the SS (Star Ship) as we considered a number of ideas and dealt with some hot-button issues. We gave suggestions for how to eat, think, and live in more healthy and harmonious ways, performed some word deconstructions, manhandled the machinations of popular media, and pondered the primal forces of creation. We also took a number of callers and had a great round-table discussion.

Erudite Eruptions With DrewMa

The title of the show “coincided” well with the recent lava flows coming from KilAuEa..

How awesome! You can read more about the Volcanic symbolism in my recent article Peak A Boo, Eye See You. If you are looking to harness the creative potential of your solar soul and fire up the fountainhead of your brain, then it would be a good idea to put enlightened food into your body.

Consider the thoughts of Leonardo Da Vinci:

“He who does not value life does not deserve it.” He considered the bodies of meat-eaters to be “burial places,” graveyards for the animals they eat. His notebooks are full of passages that show his compassion for living creatures. He lamented, “Endless numbers of these animals shall have their little children taken from them, ripped open, and barbarously slaughtered.” “I have learned from an early age to abjure the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

Unfortunately, society has digressed and views the murder of animals and men as heroic, patriotic, and essential for preserving free-dumb.

Almost any person throughout history who I consider to be intelligent has agreed with my view on this subject, like Pythagoras:

“Oh, my fellow men, do not defile your bodies with sinful foods. We have corn, we have apples bending down the branches with their weight, and grapes swelling on the vines. There are sweet-flavored herbs, and vegetables which can be cooked and softened over the fire, nor are you denied milk or thyme-scented honey. The earth affords a lavish supply of riches, of innocent foods, and offers you banquets that involve no bloodshed or slaughter: only beasts satisfy their hunger with flesh, and not even all of those, because horses, cattle, and sheep live on grass.” The biographer Diogenes tells us that Pythagoras ate bread and honey in the morning and raw vegetables at night. He would also pay fisherman to throw their catch back into the sea.
~Quotes by Famous Vegetarians

Pythagoras liked corn, but this crop has been terribly corrupted..

The Coronation of the Sun-King involves taking in the light from the Sun’s Corona through one’s Corn-Ea, not corn coroners. Coronary heart dis-ease is the #1 killer of Americans, taking out around 600k people per year. Consider how much money is spent trying to stop this terrible plague as compared to fighting the war on terra’. By simply not giving away billions of dollars in subsidies to GMO corn manufacturers, the number of hospital visits in the US would drop drastically, in my opinion.

In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto’s GM corn is linked to organ damage.. ~HuffPo (even the Zionists admit it)

If you eat meat or drink milk, it is almost impossible to avoid getting genetically modified corn in your system as this is what these animals are fed.

One of the callers commented that Drew’s breakdown of Past-Your-Eyes might not be valid, as the process was named after Louis Pasteur. Well, I had to interject my theory that text books have been feeding us bull shit for a long time about famous historical figures. Was the guy’s name really “Pasture” or could that be a lie? Either way, the process he invented is horrendous for the human body, which shouldn’t even be consuming milk as an adult.

So then why is it that everyone is encouraged to go “bottoms up” with a tall glass of milk?

“The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence.”

Check out Death & Dairy at The Stygian Port for more insight on this. Until next time.. Cheers!



  1. Tampoffs | said,

    […] I can’t genuinely help anyone until I remedy that much. Or that little. Whichever. […]

    • Joanne said,

      yo Kyle you can get rid of this pingback, I switched it up to a link to the broadcast. Edited that thing like 80 times, sorry for the confusion

      Just wanted to thank everybody on the line for their thoughts yesterday – excellent show – haven’t had the opportunity to talk to anyone about these things, so thank you Kyle for dragging me onto the line, probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And thanks for talking to me about guilt, it totally went over my head why I was asked about Catholicism until after I babbled :] Very good points, thanks all around

      One thing I wanted to bring up with you guys is salicylic acid – of course there are naturally-occurring variants of chemical in produce, but we’ll leave those alone – I think that’s often thrown into the mix to confuse people. I’m talking about the stuff that’s made from the willow tree, and functions as a plant hormone in its natural state.

      I was reading Vitalogy by EH Ruddock awhile back and it was talking about salicylic acid being the main ingredient in food processing back at the time the book was published (can’t remember when this was, 1930ish maybe?). It just struck me because I didn’t know that was ever a food-type additive – always just thought it was an astringent for facial products, like Stridex. But according to Vitalogy, it’s like a variant of formaldehyde. But I guess that makes sense, seeing as it draws out moisture. Apparently it was used in food as a preservative type additive.

      Wanted to bring it up with you guys to see if y’all knew anything, on the note of what I was talking about with wearing makeup and everything. I couldn’t help but think of all the sly advertising to get women to put these harsh chemicals on their faces. No wonder acne’s such a problem for so many people. Have y’all heard of these pills they’re prescribing to teenagers with acne? Very poisonous stuff, induces suicidal thoughts and they tell you for the love of GOD don’t get pregnant on them. There’s an episode of MTV True Life that documents that scam (“I Have Acne”) – and yet the entire episode they cleverly skirt the parts where the subjects are about to eat. So you don’t make any connections there. Just upset me – even one of the subjects had a brother who died from these pills, and she was still thinking about taking them. MTV didn’t show you what happened to her acne-wise after that, they just show the other two who went through with taking the pill. Just wanted to share that, made me upset.

      Okay hope you like long comments :]

      • Ferdinand said,

        Thanks for the long comment 🙂 Good info. They’re always trying to sell us things to make us better, which only create 5 additional problems they can offer solutions to, but never actually solve the initial issue.

  2. iamlonefrog said,

    • Ferdinand said,

      Strange stuff. Weird connection with the Volcanic sacrifices and replacement people. Makes me think of The 6th Day with Arnold.

  3. duke said,

    food : a real weapon of mass destruction

    Alex (from middle-earth) just posted something fun about “releasing creative fires” :

    I like how at first Alex (from A Clockwork Orange) thinks it is the lack of nutritious food from the prison or the overabundance of “rich” food at the “rehabilitation” center that is making him sick in the special “Sinny”

    • Ferdinand said,

      I had actually commented on that post after you, but Alex had not yet approved of them. It had to do with Ape and Essence by Huxley, relating to the Land of Zeal and the Satanic US, post Apocalypse.

  4. socialdarwinismeugenics said,

    Love reading through these hidden manna nuggets of gnosis !

    Thanks 4 Sharing ……….

    i know that toxic white liquid they sell in the stores is dangerous for certain from my own experience + family etc……. seeing all the negative side effects & over all health problems it [root] causes ………

    but i would also like to say that i have experimented for the past year for the 1st time in my Life with Raw Cows Milk [Grass Fed] from the Amish in Ohio near me [who live almost entirely off grid] and the documented evidence i have found + experienced that it is Natures Perfect Food that strengthens + protects our immune systems etc…….

    Weston A. Price studied our indigenous Ancestors on every continent & documented via taking pictures & living with these beautiful Human Beings

    his research shows what they ate before Colonization-Genocide and there traditional diets created excellent health [teeth-bones-skin etc….]

    Some drank nothing but Raw Cows-Goats Milk [Grass Fed] + yogurt-cheese-cream-butter and were in Excellent health ……

    ever since me & my family started drinking Raw Cows Milk straight from the Amish in Ohio our health [ digestion-immune-Lymphatic systems etc…..] have become the best since i have been alive because its a complete superfood with whole enzymes-vitamins-minerals-beneficial microscopic organisms[probiotics-bacteria] Chlorophyll = which is the same molecular composition as the hemoglobin of our blood ………

    my skin used to break out , stomach hurt , couldnt poop , headaches , low energy etc…..

    now i have none of those problems !

    if your interested check out

    which is a database for the scientific research & where you can get it near you ………….The toxic white liquid you buy in the Super Market that comes from factory farms where the animals are treated sadistically is not @ all the same to the Raw Cows Milk from a small grass fed farm with authentic integrity !

    truth = medisin

    & thats why its demonized & out lawed

    read the literature & experiment in the Laboratory

    Flowers of Life Eternal

    thanks 4 sharing + take care & cheers !

    • Ferdinand said,

      I would be much more comfortable taking in animal products from creatures I know are well treated and fed, living happily in the open. Thanks for the comment, good points.

  5. socialdarwinismeugenics said,

  6. Aaron said,

    Great article. I recently stopped eating meat. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I definately feel a more positive vibe in my life now. What I have found interesting are peoples reactions to my change in diet. Some people seem genuinely offended about it. I can’t blame them though. The programming that has been inflicted upon us all works very well. I often reflect on my reactions when friends of mine started eating vego years ago. I automatically gave the usual programmed responses such as “Meat is an essential part of the human diet” or “You can’t get enough iron in your diet eating meat” and the most common response “I don’t think I could live without eating meat. I would miss it too much.” Funnily enough, now I have stopped eating meat, I don’t miss it or crave it at all. It’s funny how we can hold onto a set of beliefs so rigidly, even when they make no sense. I suppose that old habits die hard, but they can die nonetheless and that indeed, is an encouraging thought. : )


    • Ferdinand said,

      It really is amazing how much our bodies and attitudes changes with the good food they take in. Thanks for the comment.

      • effel said,

        Message from the tree of life : to ascend quicker than by arrow (+) or tarot (-) through the illusion, one must either get initiated into Hermetic arts (-) or work on its diet to Venus (+) 😉

  7. Aaron said,

    Correction: “You can’t get enough iron in your diet without eating meat”

  8. socialdarwinismeugenics said,

    Thanks for that very coherent response Aaron . i appreciate a well thought out approach to nutrition & the ability to explain your experiences very eloquently. iam in the alKhemist laboratory with my body doing my best to figure out whats best .

    i actually am drinking raw fresh green juices now via my greenstar & eating alot of Raw salads & fruit + some herbs , because all the inspiration i found in the Life Regenerator’s message [helping understand how the Lymphatic system works etc…..]

    DurianRider is Raw Vegan also 80/10/10 to be exact & is very funny &+ he gets you thinking about certain situations that others dont [+ he exposes some of the bullshit & lies we have been told] !?

    thanks 4 caring for the Earth Mother & yourSelf health connection famo

    enjoy + cheers !

    also thanks 4 sharing the new 3 hour show @ Star Theory Radio

  9. Fitzy said,

    Hey Kyle,

    Hope the shake on the east coast didn’t rattle you too much, hopefully you’ve got your GO bag packed.

    Take care Captain.

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