The Aurora of Bruce Wayne’s World

July 20, 2012 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have likely heard about the alleged shooting at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. There are some deep connections to this highly crafted story. Consider one of the meanings of Aurora:

Aurora is the Roman name for the Goddess of the Dawn. Her mythology and attributes are the same as the Greek Eos, and She does not seem to have any specifically Roman mythology. Her name simply means “the dawn, daybreak, or sunrise”, and in time the word came to signify the East as well as the peoples from the Eastern lands. Her name may be related to Latin aurum, meaning “gold”, through the shared idea of brightness. 1

This is obviously where we get the names for the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, which light up the night’s sky. The dark night rises with a dawn of light? Maybe it’s a red dawn.

EOS (Êôs), in Latin Aurora, the goddess of the morning red, who brings up the light of day from the east. 2

Eos’s siblings are Helios (Sol) and Selene (Luna). Connecting things further, Catwoman is introduced in The Dark Knight Rises and her name is Selena Kyle.

Names are obviously very important to the forces seeking to gain (or maintain) control of our reality.

Gotham is Bruce Wayne’s world, but Wayne’s World is in Aurora, Illinois.

This is really only (cat)scratching the surface of the interconnected elements surrounding these events.

I discussed this subject, including the Bane connection to Bain Capital and Mitt Romney, on Saturday as a guest on Drew Ma’s 1 Year Anniversary (with The Celtic Rebel) and then again on Sunday as a guest on Deconstructions Live with Mike Sledge.

I also did my own broadcast this weekend with Will Miller as my guest to discuss the programmatic destruction of anything related to Egyptian paganism.



  1. alex robinson said,

    I’ve been hiding under a rock, so thanks for the update, tho’ had seen some bits’n’pieces on facebook.

    I looked in Aurora a long while back for an article I never got round to writing. In the movie that she wrote, directed & starred in right before she was so very strangely murdered, Adrienne Shelley played “Dawn’ ( the movie was “Waitress’). I looked into her death a lot because of strange phrases in the movie & the fact that her death happened on November 1st – a convenient illegal immigrant was convicted of her murder. One strange yet interesting sync I found was that the ‘opening-slash-dawning ceremony’ for the Russian Revolution was set off on a ship called ‘Aurora’-

    “On 25 October 1917, Aurora refused to carry out an order to put to sea, which sparked the October Revolution[citation needed]. At 9.45 p.m on that date, a blank shot from her forecastle gun signalled the start of the assault on the Winter Palace, which was to be the last episode of the October Revolution”

  2. Steve Gadafi said,

    Holy crap what a mess this all is and to think it’s all Mike Myers fault.What an esoteric cunt he is, with all his split personality and shape shifting film persona’s.I’ll try catch up with your latest broadcasts. Nice to hear from you Kyle

  3. js said,

    the shooters mug shot reminds me of theon greyjoy from game of thrones for some reason.

  4. Sinead said,

  5. Ross said,

    You were talking with Will about the the -tian suffix, you missed Galatian (as in Paul/Saul’s letter to), Croatian, Laotian.
    Also, perhaps this is so obvious it is taken as read although I’ve never heard it discussed but wouldn’t Aryan mean something from Aries?

  6. Duncan: said,

    medias report 12 dead & 59 injured, 3 & 14, Pi, coincidence of course.

  7. Betresse said,

    There is something wrong with that picture of them huddled together. It looks like someone photo shopped it to look….I don’t know but the arms don’t look right to me.

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